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Key Figures from All the WayWho's Who in All the Way
Fictional people mingle with historical characters in All the Way to tell the story of Lyndon B. Johnson’s first year as president. Meet the key figures and the actors playing them.read more
Popular Media Inspired by ShakespearePopular Media Inspired by Shakespeare
Aaron Posner adapted Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice into a brand new play, District Merchants. What are some other of the Bard’s works that have been adapted? Read about them.read more
All the Way: The Story in 60 SecondsAll the Way: The Story in 60 Seconds
Dramaturg Andy Knight sets up the story for All the Way in this video. watch now
Marc MastersonMarc Masterson Talks All the Way
When Texas-born Artistic Director Marc Masterson grew up, another Texan—LBJ—was president. He revisits that era when he directs All the Way. Masterson says he connected with the play immediately, for theatrical, intellectual and personal reasons.listen now
NicoleParker_blog_thumbNicole Parker Comes Home to SCR as Gala Headliner
Wicked and “MADtv” star Nicole Parker, an SCR Theatre Conservatory grad, will headline SCR’s “Stagestruck!” Gala. read more