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Whale of a TaleWhale of a Tale
The set design for Moby Dick hints at both a ship and a whale; aerial acrobatics help transport the audience to sea. Find out how the novel’s stage adaptation is like nothing you’ve seen before. read more
John GloreAn Interview with Playwright John Glore
Playwright John Glore feels like a kid himself; that may be why he enjoys writing for young audiences. Read an interview with him.read more
Kate DiCamilloAn Interview with Author Kate DiCamillo
How a squirrel on the doorstep inspired Flora & Ulysses. Read the interview with playwright Kate DiCamillo.read more
First Night of The RoommateStanding Ovation Marks Opening for West Coast Premiere of The Roommate
Cheers greeted two-actor cast for The Roommate on opening night. Read about it.read more
Moby Dick CharactersLet’s Go A-Whalin’: Who’s Who in Moby Dick
Numerous characters inhabit the story of Captain Ahab’s obsessive quest for the White Whale. Here’s a guide to keep track of who’s who. read more
Judy TeverbaughSupport What You Love; No Lottery Win Required
Retired teacher Judy Teverbaugh brought her students to see plays at SCR and is supporting the theatre through an estate plan. Anyone can give, she says. read more
Moby DickFrom Barrymore to Led Zeppelin—Moby Dick-inspired Art
From a 1926 silent movie to the Gregory Peck classic and a Led Zeppelin song—Moby Dick has inspired many artists. Check out some whale-inspired works.read more
Jen SilvermanLife at a Crossroads
Sharon and Robyn are at a crossroads when we meet them in Jen Silverman’s The Roommate. Dramaturg Kimberly Colburn writes about what drives the characters and how Silverman developed them.read more
Roommate-WomenMeet the Cast of The Roommate
SCR veterans Tessa Auberjonois and Linda Gehringer step into Jen Silverman’s funny, dark comedy, The Roommate. Meet the cast and the characters they play read more
Dipika GuhaYoga Play—Where Commerce, Spirituality and Comedy Meet
The very funny Yoga Play by Dipika Guha is a full production added for the 20th Pacific Playwrights Festival. It’s inspired by Orange County.read more