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Melody Gonzalez A Sister’s Loss, Enduring Love and Hope Inspire Story
A woman’s personal story is at the core of The Long Road Today. Santa Ana resident Melody Gonzalez’s tragic family loss led to a path forward, understanding and hope. Read her story, one shared with playwright José Cruz Gonzàlez. read more
Kenny WollensenAnything Goes With Instrument Designer Kenny Wollesen
Think twice when you think about getting rid of that chest of drawers or throwing out coffee cans. In the hands of instrument builder Kenny Wollesen, those “found objects” make music—and are found in The more
The TempestA New Level of Wonderment
SCR Artistic Director Marc Masterson has been tracking The Tempest since Aaron Posner and Teller began adapting it. What did he find? Magic, Tom Waits and more. It just kept getting better! Read more about the development of this adapation. read more