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Dipika GuhaYoga Play—Where Commerce, Spirituality and Comedy Meet
The very funny Yoga Play by Dipika Guha is an full productions for the 20th anniversary of Pacific Playwrights Festival in 2017. Learn more about this SCR commission.read more
ACC KidsThe Cratchit Family of A Christmas Carol
At the heart of SCR's annual production of ​A Christmas Carol is the Cratchit family. Every year eight new Theatre Conservatory students alternate in the children's roles. Meet this season's young Cratchits. read more
Charles DickensScrooge Inspires Many Adaptations
We’re partial to SCR’s A Christmas Carol—but there are other adaptations. Check them out.read more
Christmas Carol SpiritsBringing the Spirits of Christmas to Life
Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by three ghosts—or spirits—in A Christmas Carol. Learn more about the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet-to-Come.read more
37 Years of A Christmas Carol37 Years of A Christmas Carol and They Keep Coming Back
Did you know that over the past 36 years, A Christmas Carol has had more than 1,000 performances? Learn more fun facts about this holiday classic. read more