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Find Your Write StuffWorking Toward the Write Stuff
Want to give playwriting a try? “Why not?!” laughs instructor Kristina Leach. “If you're human, you have at least one story to tell​.” Read more about Leach, the playwriting class and other classes for spring session at SCR.read more
The Cast of OrangeRole Call: Meet the Cast of Orange
Three actors make their SCR debuts in Orange—and all, like the playwright, have connections to India. Meet the cast.read more
Simon Family FoundationThe Play That Transforms Lives: Simon Family Scholars See Moby Dick
Moby Dick experience makes an impact for local high school students. read more
Illustrating a Travel AdventureIllustrating a Travel Adventure: Orange
Leela draws life’s adventures in a journal. For the audience watching the play Orange, projections are the way to see the world through her eyes. Read more about the play’s design elements. read more
Moby Dick First NightAudience Sets Sail for Adventure as Moby Dick Opens
First Nighters had the chance to go down to the sea in ships—well, one ship in particular, The Pequod—for the west coast premiere of Lookingglass Theatre Company’s Moby Dick.read more
David CatlinThe SCR Podcast with Moby Dick's David Catlin
How a college night fueled by caffeine and exhaustion led Lookingglass Theatre Company’s David Catlin to see Moby-Dick in a whole new light.listen now
Isaac SchoeppCaution: Actors Overhead
The Moby Dick set is filled with ropes, pulleys and other devices to help the actors sail—literally—hang, twirl, swing, swoop and more. Rigging Designer Isaac Schoepp makes all that happen. read more
Flora & UlyssesHow to Find Everyday Superheroes—Just Ask Flora
Flora is 10 and a cynic; Ulysses is a squirrel who has superpowers. Their comic adventures help Flora make sense of the world around her.read more