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A Great Play Provokes Discussion: Alan Smyth Talks About Theatre and Zealot
Actor Alan Smyth has an acting resume that spans the ocean—from Ireland to the United States. We caught up with him to dig deeper into his life and work and his approach to more
Theresa RebeckZealot—The Power of Diplomacy
Playwright Theresa Rebeck says we have a lot to learn from stories. “They teach us so much,” says the writer of Zealot. Learn more about some of the teachable moments in her new play. Read the SCR more
The Cast of ZealotPowerhouse Cast For Zealot Premiere
Zealot is set in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The British consul and the American undersecretary of state are locked in a battle of wills and wits. This dynamic Theresa Rebeck world premiere features an equally dynamic cast—nearly all are making their SCR more