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A Christmas CarolDickens Takes Orange County By Storm Decade After Decade
For 35 years, John-David Keller and Hal Landon Jr. have been key elements in SCR’s production of A Christmas Carol. Find out how they and others have kept this show fresh through the more
A Christmas Carol Who Are Those Kids, Anyway?
A Christmas Carol has a cast of 25 actors who play 49 roles. Eight of those actors are kids, who play eleven of the roles. And those eight young actors are, in fact, sixteen! Confused? It’s not new math; it’s a creative casting solution. read more
Charlotte's WebAlong Came a Spider: The Inspiration for Charlotte’s Web
Why did E.B. White choose to write about a pig named Wilbur? To answer that question, White wrote a letter to “kids” everywhere. Read the letter on the SCR more