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What do You See in RedWhat do You See in Red
John Logan’s Red begins with a question: “What do you see?” You’ll see a lot in this stunning, thrilling and award-winning play that takes you into the world of abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko. watch the video
Seeing (and Applauding) RedSeeing (and Applauding) Red
Rousing applause and a standing ovation was followed by a glittering Cast Party for the Red First Night crowd. Check out the story and photos. read more
Director’s NotesDirector’s Notes: Going to a Place where you Already Are
Learn why Artistic Director Marc Masterson calls Going to a Place where you Already Are a warm and whimsical play. read more
The Designer Behind RedThe Designer Behind Red
When he started to create the onstage world for Red, set designer Ralph Funicello first turned to the two existing photos of Mark Rothko’s Bowery art studio and then let his imagination more
Making Pinocchio New AgainMaking Pinocchio New Again
While being in the cast for Pinocchio may sound like all fun and games, rehearsals and performances are a lot of hard work. Meet the hard-working cast. read more
Insights on RothkoAn Art Expert's Insights on Rothko
Orange County Museum of Art Director Todd Smith looks at Red and the art and times of Mark more
Behind-the-Scenes: Saewert Meets RothkoBehind-the-Scenes: Saewert Meets Rothko
Huge canvas frames​ are part of the design for Red and are created by SCR properties carpenter David Saew​ert. Learn about his process for making the trappings found in an artist's more
Questions with Jeremy AlumaFive Questions for Director Jeremy Aluma
Director Jeremy Aluma is clowning around with Pinocchio. Read this Q& more