201​​7-1​​8 Season at a Glance

Experience works by America’s hottest new playwrights, modern masterpieces and proven hits. From the multi-award-winning musical Once to Shakespeare in Love, to NPR star Sandra Tsing Loh’s wickedly hilarious holiday tale Sugar Plum Fairy, the new season offers something for everyone. Your seats are waiting—and only season ticket holders get the best ones at exceptional prices. Subscribe today!


Walsh,-Enda Enda Walsh
book by Enda Walsh
music & lyrics by Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová
based on the motion picture written and directed by John Carney
directed by Kent Nicholson
September 2-30, 2017

“Glorious and inspiring” (Time Out New York), “fun and heartfelt” (The New Yorker), Once tells the story of a Dublin street musician about to abandon his dream when a beautiful woman takes a sudden interest in his haunting love songs. As the chemistry between them grows, his music soars to new heights, and their connection becomes more than an everyday romance. Winner of the Tony Award and a Grammy for Best Musical Theatre Album, this captivating tale will draw you in from the very first note.

August_Wilson ​August Wilson
​by August Wilson
directed by Kent Gash
October 14 - November 11, 2017

1904. Slavery ended nearly 50 years ago, but freedom is still precarious. Many former slaves and descendants venturing north find themselves at Aunt Ester’s door in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. A renowned cleanser of souls claiming to be 285 years old, Ester provides solace, advice and healing. Citizen Barlow, racked with guilt over letting another man take the rap for his crimes, desperately wants to be pure again. And Aunt Ester may be his only hope. From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Fences and Jitney comes a mystical story of liberty, justice and redemption.

Lee Hall ​​Lee Hall
​based on the screenplay by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard
adapted for the stage by Lee Hall
music by Paddy Cunneen
directed by Marc Masterson
January 13 - February 10, 2018

Young Will Shakespeare is desperate. He has writer’s block and owes two demanding producers a new comedy—a half-baked mess titled Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate’s Daughter. Enter his inspiration: Viola. Smart, beautiful and Will’s greatest admirer, she will stop at nothing—including breaking the law—to be in his play. As their love blossoms, so does his greatest masterpiece. Mistaken identities, ruthless scheming, and backstage theatrics make this romantic feast “a joyous celebration of theatre” (Daily Telegraph).

Freed,-Amy3 ​Amy Freed
​by ​Amy Freed
directed by Art Manke
March 24 - April 21, 2018

In Shakespeare’s battle of the sexes, The Taming of the Shrew, Petruchio wins. In Amy Freed’s clever and wickedly funny spin on the classic, Kate does, too. He’s still cocky and charming. She stays quick-witted and uncompromising. But that thorny “women-should-be-subservient” thing? Gone! Tag along as their unlikely romance travels some surprising new paths—and enjoy every hilarious bump in the road.

Wasserstein,-Wendy Wendy
​by ​​​Wendy Wasserstein
May 5 - June 2, 2018

They’re each extraordinary in their own way. Sara shattered the glass ceiling in banking. Pfeni travels the globe as an acclaimed journalist. And Gorgeous is, well, gorgeous—and the irrepressible host of a radio advice show. Not bad for three sisters from Brooklyn in the early 1990s. When they gather in London for Sara’s 54th birthday, along with some of the men in their lives, the result is a witty, enthralling look at the quest for love, acceptance and self-fulfillment. After its Broadway opening, The New Yorker raved, “The laughter is all but continuous.”

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bonds,-Rachel ​​Rachel Bonds
​by ​​​Rachel Bonds
directed by Mike Donahue
September 24 - October 15, 2017

On the night before Cyrus’ funeral, the family he left years ago gathers in a hotel room. Linda, his ex-wife. Felix, his grown son. Rudy, Cyrus’ ailing father. All steeling themselves for the burial of a man they may have loved but didn’t like. And then there’s Jackson, Felix’s new boyfriend. In the tight confines of the hotel room, it’s hard to keep secrets—especially when everyone is at a crossroads in their life. A warm and surprisingly funny family drama.

Tsing-Loh,-Sandra ​Sandra Tsing Loh
​by ​Sandra Tsing Loh
directed by Bart DeLorenzo
December 3-24, 2017

The Madwoman in the Volvo is back—and Scrooge isn’t the only one bitter about the holidays! With signature irreverence, NPR superstar Sandra Tsing Loh recounts her own childhood desire for a highly coveted role in the Beverly Rosann School of Dance’s production of The Nutcracker. Filled with ambition, rivalry and pre-teen angst, this hilarious tale of life’s crushing blows has been praised as “a Christmas treat that isn’t too sugary sweet” (Talkin’ Broadway) and “a comic assault on holiday sentiment” (SF Gate).

Yee,-Lauren ​​Lauren Yee

by Lauren Yee
music by Dengue Fever
March 4-25, 2018

Part comedy, part ​mystery, part rock concert, this thrilling story toggles back and forth in time, as father and daughter face the music of the past. Neary, a 26-year-old Cambodian American has found evidence that could finally put away the Khmer Rouge’s chief henchman. But her work is far from done. When Dad shows up unannounced—his first return to Cambodia since fleeing 30 years ago—it’s clear this isn’t just a pleasure trip.

Powers,-Kemp ​​Kemp Powers
​by ​​Kemp Powers
directed by May Adrales
April 8-29, 2018

“We is shadows. And shadows is seen, not heard.” In pre-Civil war Georgia, Toy and Colis spend long days on the plantation silently serving adolescent twins Mittie and Daniel. But in the dead of night their world comes alive, as they lie beneath their masters’ beds whispering stories to each other through a vent in the wall. When Father announces the family is moving to Louisiana, the children face uncertain futures. Do they dare come out of the shadows? A compelling testament to the power of the human spirit from one of America’s most promising playwrights.


​by ​​Karen Zacarías
music by Deborah Wicks La Puma
adapted from the book by ​Gail Carson Levine
directed by Casey Stangl
October ​27 - November 12, 2017

As a baby, Ella was given the “gift” of obedience by a misguided fairy and cannot disobey any order. Now a teenager, the strong-willed Ella must outwit her evil stepmother, escape hungry ogres and hold on to her best friend, all while getting rid of the troublesome curse and finding her own voice. Expect delightful music and plenty of girl power in this wonderfully modern and musical Cinderella story.

​a play by Allison Gregory
adapted from the book series by Barbara Park
January 26 - February 11, 2018

The world’s funniest grade-school know-it-all is back! And Junie B. is convinced that someone stole her furry black mittens at recess. So, when she finds a cool pen on the floor, it’s Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers. But why does Junie B. keep having those bad dreams? Will she ever get her mittens back? And will she win over the new boy in Room 8?

​​book and lyrics by Sofia Alvarez
​music and additional lyrics by Daniel Roland Tierney
​adapted from the classic children's book by William Steig
directed by Shelley Butler
May 18 - June 3, 2018

While all the mice in Mouse Town dance the night away, Amos would rather sit alone dreaming of the ocean. When he goes on a high seas adventure and runs into trouble, Boris the whale comes to the rescue. Though Amos and Boris are different in every possible way, they become devoted friends. This fun, funny and funky musical teaches lessons about being yourself and the enduring power of friendship.

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens
adapted by Jerry Patch
directed by John-David Keller
​November 2​​4 - December 2​4, 201​7

Nineteenth-century London comes to life when your family joins the SCR family for the holidays. Recapture the spirit of an old-fashioned Christmas with this timeless Dickens classic and all your favorite characters—Tiny Tim and the Cratchit family, the Fezziwigs, the Ghosts of Christmas past, present and yet-to-come—and, as always, Hal Landon Jr. as everyone's favorite curmudgeon, Ebenezer Scrooge.