Artistic Support volunteers at South Coast Repertory step in to assist with short-term, production-related tasks throughout a season. Since each production has different needs, these volunteer positions are inherently flexible, but always offer a chance to observe some of the nation's best artists and technicians at work, and to learn more about what happens behind the scenes. Artistic ​support volunteer positions are intended for those seeking a career in professional theatre; they are unpaid unless otherwise specified.

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​Artistic Support ​Volunteer Positions

Serving as assistant director on a production
You will attend rehearsals and previews, providing artistic and logistical support to the production’s director. Duties may include taking notes, assisting with rehearsals and providing artistic feedback. Assistant directors are expected to be present at most rehearsals and throughout tech week; as such, candidates will need to be able to commit to both daytime and evening hours for the month of rehearsals. This is an artistic position; graduate work in directing or a substantial directing resume is required. 

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Assisting a production’s director during tech week
You will attend tech rehearsals and previews, taking notes for the director and offering additional logistical support as needed. Candidates should be highly organized, efficient and patient; familiarity with theatre tech processes is preferred. 

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Serving as production assistant for a workshop
You will assist with new play workshops. Duties include set up/clean up, making coffee, keeping track of run times and breaks and liaising with the literary department to provide the actors and director with support as required. Candidates must be highly organized, timely and attentive; some familiarity with stage management, Equity rules and new play development processes is preferred. Some workshop production assistant positions are compensated.

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Taking line notes at previews
You will attend preview performances of an SCR production and remain on book, noting any discrepancies between the script and the lines the actors are saying. Candidates must be detail-oriented, efficient, and thorough. Some experience with scripts and tech processes is preferred.

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Being on book in rehearsals
You will attend rehearsals as needed, staying on book and providing lines when actors ask for them. Candidates must be able to read aloud with facility. 

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