Hispanic Playwrights History

Inaugurated in 1986, HPP prompted the submission of over a thousand manuscripts, of which more than 50 received workshops and more than half went on to full productions at SCR and other resident theatres. Participating playwrights have included Luis Alfaro, Cusi Cram, Nilo Cruz, Jorge González, Lisa Loomer, Josefina López, Eduardo Machado, Oliver Mayer, Cherrie Moraga, José Rivera, Edwin Sanchez, Milcha Sanchez-Scott, Luis Santeiro, Bernardo Solano, Octavio Solis, Caridad Svich and Edit Villarreal.

*denotes play went on to production at SCR or elsewhere.

Once Removed
by Eduardo Machado*
Charley Bacon and His Family by Arthur Giron*
Birds by Lisa Loomer*

The Promise
by Jose Rivera*
Passion by Ana Maria Simo
Blacklight by Estela Portillo Trambley*
The Death and Life of Luis Rodriguez by Bernardo Solano
Middle Gray by Sam Garcia
The Judas Goat by Alfred Lopez

Bang Bang Blues
by Charles Gomez*
Parting Gestures by Rafael Lima* (previously titled
   'Every Thing in it's Place')
Broken Bough by Lynette Serrano-Bonaparte*
Imagenes by Bernardo Solano
Simply Maria by Josefina Lopez*
The Immaculate Salvation Auto Body Parts Store by Rafael

My Visits with MGM (My Grandmother Marta)
by Edit Villarreal*
A Shadow of a Man by Cherrie Moraga*
Man of the Flesh by Octavio Solis*
Young Valiant by Oliver Mayer* (previously titled 'Food and Evil')
The Lady Architect and the King of Tile by Roberto Athayde
Trafficking in Broken Hearts by Edwin Sanchez*

Prospect by Octavio Solis*
Floorshow: Doña Sol and Her Trained Dog by Edwin Sanchez*
A Dream of Wealth by Arthur Giron*
The News from Puerto Rico by Jack Agueros*
Scarlet Macaw by Bernardo Solano
Gleaning/Rebusca by Caridad Svich*

La Illuminada by Octavio Solis
September 11 by Guillermo Reyes
The Language of Flowers by Edit Villarreal
   (previously titled 'R and J')*

Bitter Homes and Gardens
by Luis Alfaro*
Cocks Have Claws and Wings to Fly by Amparo Garcia*
Kuba by Roger Schirra*

Pacific Ocean
by Roger Arturo Durling
I Can't Eat Goat Head by Silvia Gonzalez S.*
The Old Matador by Milcha Sanchez-Scott*

Inkarri's Return by Henry Guzman*
Cleavage and Smokes by Delores Chavez*
Straight as a Line by Luis Alfaro*
A Royal Affair by Luis Santeiro*

Under the Western Sky
 by Amparo Garcia*
Watsonville by Cherrie Moraga*
N.W.W.Y.P. by Carlos A. Murillo*

Santa Conceptión
by Anne Garcia-Romero*
Adrift by Rogelio Martinez
Tracks by Edit Villarreal

Maleta Mulata
by Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas
   (previously titled 'How to Make Love to a Mulatto')*
Claudia Meets Fulano Colorado by Joann Farías*
El Otro by Octavio Solis* (previously titled 'La Romy Takes a Dive')

by Cusi Cram*
The Sins of Sor Juana by Karen Zacarías*

References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot by Jose Rivera*
Illuminating Veronica by Rogelio Martinez*
Lupe, Now! by Jonathan Ceniceroz*
Cuchifrito by Eduardo Andino*

The End of it All by Cusi Cram
Hortensia and the Museum of Dreams by Nilo Cruz*
Vieques by Jorge Gonzalez*

California Scenarios
by Luis Alfaro, Joann Farías, José Cruz González,
   Anne García-Romero and Octavio Solis
Sweaty Palms by Alejandro Morales*
Tight Embrace by Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas*

California Scenarios
by Luis Alfaro, Richard Coca, Joann Farías,
   José Cruz González and Anne García-Romero
The Beauty of the Father by Nilo Cruz*
Electricidad by Luis Alfaro*
Lobster Face (or The Shame of Amanda Cockshutt)
   by Magdalena Gomez*
Lost in Translation by Rogelio Martinez*

Mariela in the Desert by Karen Zacarias*
Mimesophobia by Carlos Murrillo*
Welcome to Arroyo's by Kristoffer Diaz*
Yemaya's Belly by Quiara Alegria Huides*

by Octavio Solis
Taking Off by Adriana Sevan*
The Day I Flipped Off Jimmy Carter by Richard Coca
Cry of the Bronx by Migdalia Cruz*
The Adventures of Barrio Grrrl! by Quiara Alegría Hudes*

Photo: ​Ana Ortiz and Robert Montano in SCR's 1999 production of References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, by José Rivera.