Tennessee Williams UnScripted
presented by Impro Theatre
February 27, 2014 - March 2, 2014

Tennessee Williams Unscripted

Passionate, smoldering secrets lurk beneath the surface of genteel society—and explode in a climax of accusation, confession and consequence. Inspired by Tennessee Williams’ masterful storytelling and delicious language, Impro Theatre starts with a single audience suggestion and builds improvised, full-length plays that are hilarious, yet tragic as a Southern belle’s broken heart. Impro Theatre's performances are unique; there are no repeated characters and no set story structure and each play is written in real time—while simultaneously being performed—by the actors.

Recommendation: Contains adult content and situations.

Impro Theatre creates completely improvised, full-length plays in the styles of the world’s greatest playwrights, authors and composers, including Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, Stephen Sondheim and more. Each Impro Theatre performance is unique and and no two performances are ever the same. They have received multiple Critics’ Picks in the Los Angeles Times, Back Stage West and L.A. Weekly, and have performed sold-out shows all over the world.  Regionally, they have performed at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival main stage, The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, Falcon Theatre, The Carrie Hamilton Theatre at the Pasadena Playhouse, and many more.

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No show is ever the same with Tennessee Williams UnScripted. Inspired by the storytelling of Tennessee Williams, Impro Theatre creates a completely improvised full-length play from just a single audience suggestion. read more