by Greg Banks
based on the story by Carlo Collodi
directed by Jeremy Aluma
February 5, 2016 - February 21, 2016


Pinocchio is a naughty puppet! And he’ll never be a “real boy” until he goes to school—and stays out of trouble. But there are so many temptations along the way, and who wouldn’t want to go to Playland where it’s Saturday all week long? Get set for lots of comedy, songs and clowning around as Pinocchio learns about love and family—and what it means to be human.

Previews: February 5-12, 2016
Regular Performances: February 13-21, 2016

Recommendation: Grades 2-6. Theatre for Young Audiences … and Their Families is just that, a multi-generational experience for all ages (except children under the age of four and babes-in-arms). The only requirement is that each audience member occupies a seat and sits quietly through the performance while having a wonderful time.  This production ccontains strobe light effects.

Running Time:  Theatre for Young Audiences performances are never more than 90 minutes.

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Carlo Lorenzini (Author) was born in Florence in 1826. He was a journalist before he turned to children’s literature and began translating French fairy tales into Italian under the pen name Carlo Collodi (after the village in Tuscany, where his mother was born). Pinocchio was an immediate success in Italy—although upper-class families initially regarded it as unsuitable for “well-educated” children—but Collodi’s fame didn’t begin to reach worldwide proportions until after the first English translation of Pinocchio in 1892 by M.A. Murray. 

Greg Banks (Playwright) studied theatre at Dartington College of Arts and has built his career as a director, playwright, workshop leader and as a highly experienced devising director. In 1979, he was co-founder of the hugely successful Dr. Fosters Travelling Theatre, which toured new work to rural audiences throughout the 1980s. In 1991, he became a freelance writer and director and has since established an international reputation through his work for young audiences and their families. He has written more than 20 plays and been responsible for producing more than 30 devised scripts. His work has been seen from Seattle to Singapore via Moscow and the Arctic Circle, on Broadway at the New Victory Theater and in the West End at the Comedy Theatre. Since 1991, he has directed more than 100 productions. 

Learn more about the production, cast & creative team with a peek into the program. Read full artist bios, in-depth articles and more.

Tyler Bremer
Tyler Bremer (Actor 5: Bookseller/Judy/Sailor 2/Lampwick/Fairy 2). Hi, everyone! I am thrilled to be making my debut at SCR in this production of Pinocchio. I recently graduated from California State University Long Beach (Class of 2015) where I learned under awesome instructors like Hugh O'Gorman, Alexandra Billings, Trevor Biship and Ezra Lebank, to name a few. I've always loved using my imagination and telling stories, so I decided that that's what I want to do for the rest of my life. I've spent the majority of my time clowning around as a member of the L.A. theatre company, Four Clowns, where I've enjoyed making people laugh in such shows as Four Clowns presents Hamlet and Four Clowns presents The Halfwits' Last Hurrah!, meanwhile continuing my studies at The Clown School. I would like to thank my family (especially my mom) and friends for all their support, and a big thank you to you, the audience, for joining us on this adventure!

Jennifer Carroll
Jennifer Carroll (Actor 2: Cricket/Showman/Fox/Bully 2/ Donkey/Girl).

Do you love to make up stories and pretend you are in them? That’s what I loved doing as a kid. Well, you can do it as grown up too! I’ve acted all over the country in plays like Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew and Othello, and recently in Four Clowns presents The Halfwits’ Last Hurrah for the Hollywood Fringe. I love creating kooky characters. Pinocchio is my first show at SCR. It’s so cool to be able to play so many different parts and explore the ways I can talk, move, feel and joke around! Because I love acting and theatre so much, I want all kids to be able to experience it, so I create arts programs and teach at the downtown L.A. non-profit, Inner-City Arts. I study at The Clown School, perform monthly with L.A. clown group, The Innocents, and am a proud member of Four Clowns.

Joe DeSoto
Joe DeSoto (Actor 4: Pinocchio). This is my first time performing at SCR and I couldn’t ask for a more fun first role than Pinocchio. When I was young, I used to watch nothing but cartoons. Characters like Goofy and Daffy Duck were my biggest role models. I used to put on little performances for my family, where I’d act out scenes, making silly faces, doing pratfalls, you name it. Anything for a laugh! And not much has changed now that I’m all grown up. For the past three years I have been performing around the country as a professional clown. Last summer, I clowned at Sea World San Diego in a circus show called Cirque de la Mer. Most recently, I played a spooky ghost in Four Clowns presents Hamlet. I’ve been a company member of Four Clowns for an entire season now. I’m also a member of the L.A.-based clown troupe, The Innocents. Last, but not least, I’m super excited to announce that later this year I will be hopping on a train to start a year-long tour with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus!

Dave Honigman
Dave Honigman (​Actor 3: Policeman/Ticketman/Cat/Sailor 1/Bully 1/Boy/Old Man). Wow, it’s great to be back! I started studying acting when I was eight years old in classes right here at South Coast Repertory! My first role was a court jester in Many Moons, which I like to think kicked off what would become my clown career! As one of SCR’s Junior Players, I got to walk through frozen time in 72 Degrees and Sunny and as a Teen Player, I found myself leading a children’s crusade in 1212. After I received my degree in theatre arts performance at California State University, Long Beach, I became a company member of my favorite Los Angeles theatre company, Four Clowns! Through them I learned of the Clown School, and was able to be in six productions: That Beautiful Laugh, Somewhere Like Earth, Noah & Jonah, Four Clowns presents The Halfwits’ Last Hurrah, Four Clowns presents Hamlet and now… Pinocchio! In the spring, I will be joining the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus as a traveling circus clown! As you can see, I take clowning very seriously. Fart. We are so happy you came out to join us. Thank you!

Kevin Klein
Kevin Klein (Actor 1: Geppetto, Punch, Fairy, Coachman). Hi, everybody! I am extremely happy to be performing for you at South Coast Repertory. Acting is one of my true passions and it’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing it for 20 years! It all started when I signed up for drama class in the sixth grade. That’s when I became hooked. At some point over the years, I discovered the specific theatre style of clowning. Clowning is especially fun because you can be happy and free! I have worked very hard to master the art of clowning by training at The Clown School and performing with Four Clowns. This will be my third time performing at SCR. You all might remember me from the Theatre for Young Audiences show Robin Hood (2012), where I played the role of Robin Hood. I really hope you enjoy our show Pinnochio and that this experience inspires you in some way!
Creative Team

Jeremy Aluma (Director) is a multi-award-winning theatre director and producer. He founded the international touring clown troupe, Four Clowns, where he has served as artistic director for the past six years. At SCR, Aluma previously directed Robin Hood on the Julianne Argyros Stage and Four Clowns as a part of the SCR Studio Series. Aluma has directed productions at theatres including MuBe Cultural Theatre (São Paulo, Brazil), La MaMa, E.T.C. (New York City), Chopin Theatre (Chicago), REDCAT, Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, Sacred Fools (Los Angeles), Exit Theatre (San Francisco), Space 55 (Phoenix) and Gremlin Theatre (St. Paul, Minn.). He is the recipient of the 2015 City of Los Angeles Cultural Exchange International Grant, the 2014 City of Santa Monica Annenberg Community Beach House Residency and the Long Beach Arts Council Community Project Grant. Aluma graduated cum laude from California State University, Long Beach with a BA in theatre directing. He continues to teach and take classes at The Clown School.

Fred Kinney (Scenic Design) builds the models and creates the drawings that carpenters and painters make into the scenery that you see on stage today. This is Fred’s ninth production at SCR; he also designed the marsh for A Year With Frog And Toad, the forest for Robin Hood, The Elephant for The Emperor's New Clothes, New Duck City for Lucky Duck and three worlds and an evil brain for A Wrinkle in Time. When he was just a small boy, he thought he might become a painter, sculptor or an architect. In high school, he started to design for school productions and really enjoyed it, and still does. He is the proud father of Kate and Gigi.

Leah Piehl (Costume Design) loves to play dress-up. As a kid, she used to create and sew outfits to look just like her favorite pop stars. She continued to dress up in costumes even when she grew up and decided that she would like to dress up other people, too! Leah went to the California Institute for the Arts to learn more about theatre and costume design. Her favorite part of being a costume designer is creating characters and telling stories through drawing and painting her designs. She designs costumes for many theatres around the country and for television and film, as well. You can see more of her work at

François-Pierre Couture (Lighting Design) moved from Montréal (that’s right, Canada) to Los Angeles to complete his master’s degree in scenic and lighting design at UCLA in 2006. This redhead loves to imagine and make tiny models of giant sets so actors can play with them. He also likes to hear the reaction of an audience when it discovers the stage for the first time. Aside from shining bright lights on Pinocchio at SCR and designing sets in theaters like The Theatre @ Boston Court, Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City or Arena Stage in Washington, D.C., he teaches young and bright students at East Los Angeles College and Pepperdine University. If you want to know more about what he likes (and what he doesn't like, such as whiny people, routines and raw onions) you can visit him at

Mark Caspary (​Sound Deisgn) has always loved making noises! These days, Mark is making noise on many different instruments, percussion, piano, guitar and computers. He loves adding sounds and music to the theatre, in the studio and to themed entertainment installations. Utilizing his passion for collaboration, music and design, Mark has been fortunate to design and assist for professional theatres as well as in the world of academia. Mark’s first love is bringing a creative spark to each project that can be effectively integrated with other design elements. Examples of his work can be found at

Talia Krispel (Stage Manager) is a New York-based stage manager. She grew up in Southern California and started seeing theatre at the age of 5 and was in her first production at age 9. One of her favorite roles was being Milky White (a cow!) in a production of Into the Woods. She went to the University of the Pacific as an actor. Shortly after she graduated college, she found her true calling as a stage manager on a Theatre for Young Audiences production of Sarah, Plain and Tall in New York City. Working backstage is so much fun—we’re like ninjas! Talia has been stage managing professionally for 14 years. When she’s not stage managing, Talia often is child-wrangling at theatres on- and off-Broadway. Feel free to turn around and wave to her in the booth behind you! For Mychal and Dad.

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