Beauty and the Beast
music by Alan Menken
​lyrics by​ Howard Ashman & Tim Rice
​book by Linda Woolverton
originally directed by Robert Jess Roth
originally produced by Disney Theatrical Productions
directed by Hisa Takakuwa
musical direction by Erin McNally
August 6, 2016 - August 14, 2016

Beauty and the Beast Logo

Once upon a time, a wandering Enchantress transformed an arrogant young Prince into a Beast, leaving a magical rose behind. If he learns to love—and be loved in return—before the last petal falls, he’ll become human again. A captive in his castle, the adventurous (and very independent) Belle has discovered there’s beauty within everyone. Can she prove to the Prince that he has the power to change?

SCR’s Summer Players, talented students who audition for their roles after at least a year in the Theatre Conservatory, portray all the characters—from townspeople to teacups—and perform more than 20 musical numbers, including the beloved title song and the lively “Be Our Guest.”

Recommendation: Beauty and the Beast contains haze and strobe effects.

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