201​​6-1​​7 Season
October 10, 2016 - March 20, 2017

NewSCRipts is a play reading series that has provided a forum for talented writers for 30 years. NewSCRipts gives patrons the opportunity to be a part of SCR's play development program at three Monday evening readings.

201​​6-1​7 NewSCRipts dates:

    by ​​A​lix Sobler

    March 20, 201​6, 7:30 pm

    In 1939, Helen and Leonard Kirsch live a comfortable upper-middle class life in Philadelphia, while Germany’s power grows abroad and the world turns dark. Desperate to help in any way they can, the Kirsches plot to rescue 50 Jewish children from Vienna and place them with American families. As their trip approaches, Helen and Leonard still have one more foster family to find, and the remaining option—Roberta and Martin Bloom—is far from ideal. But the Kirsches soon discover that these choices at home are nothing when compared with the choices they face abroad, where each decision could change the makeup of a generation.

  • ​SHREW!
    by ​​Amy Freed

    December 5, 201​6, 7:30 pm

    From the playwright who gave us The Beard of Avon​—an uproarious satire about the “true” authors of Shakespeare’s plays​—comes a re-imagining of one of the Bard’s problem comedies. Modern audiences tend to find The Taming of the Shrew thorny for seeming to suggest that women should be subservient to men in marriage. But filtered through the sharp intelligence and wicked sense of humor of Amy Freed, the play becomes a more contemporary consideration of the battle of the sexes​—plus it’s a lot funnier after Freed gets hold of all that insufferable Shakespearean clowning. Kate is still whip-smart and strong-willed; Petruchio is still charming to a fault and a little too sure of himself. But their unlikely romance travels some new paths and earns the title’s exclamation point by the time it reaches its surprising conclusion. The happy return of one of SCR’s favorite playwrights, doing what she does best.

    by ​Kate Cortesi

    October 1​0, 201​6, 7:30 pm

    Dex was a hotshot painter early in his career, with shows at prominent galleries and the sweet promise of fame and fortune. Now, years later, he’s a failing middle school art teacher who is grasping at the life he never quite had by hiding out from his wife, son, and responsibility. He has summoned Gabe, a drug dealer, to his decrepit trailer-park home to provide him with a continuous escape from reality—except it turns out Gabe is a classmate of his son. Still, Dex’s need for drugs overrules his shame, and Gabe’s unexpected idolization leads to more of a relationship than Dex bargained for. Regret, ambition, and addiction collide in this bittersweet and surprisingly funny new play.

Elaine J. Weinberg