What do kids and parents think of SCR​ Acting Classes?

​Theatre Conservatory instructors and staff see the progress of students, both in and out of class. They see the joy and the confidence that builds through the weeks, months and—often—years that students spend in the program. Read below what students say about the program.

Students in Grades 3​-6

  • "SCR helps me to act better and everyone here is nice and helpful. They teach you things in a fun way. This is the best place ever for young actors."

  • "I love SCR because it's fun and everybody loves you."

  • "SCR opened up part of my creativity that I never used before."

  • "What I love the most about SCR is you can be yourself."

  • "I love SCR. When I’m here, I feel like I can do anything—like stop evil sorcerers and get the moon for somebody."

  • "I found my favorite hobby at SCR."

Students in Grades 7-8

  • "I thank SCR for making me feel like I belong. I’ve made friends here who accept me for who I am."

  • "This place has become my second home. The teachers are amazing and I have learned more about acting and myself.

  • "I met new friends and learned to just be myself and have fun. I also love that in theatre there are no wrong answers and no one can judge you for being you!"

  • "The teachers and staff are always fun, professional, and interesting, giving me an awesome experience in every class I take."

Students in Grades 9-12

  • "SCR has helped me explore acting and has given me something to look forward to every week."

  • "I love how you learn more of how to be an actor, rather than memorizing and reciting. It has more depth this way, which makes your performances more powerful."

  • "Being at SCR has really changed me, it has given me so much more confidence in myself."

  • "I love SCR because it has expanded my knowledge and experience of acting through a fun and safe environment. It is always the highlight of my day and I look forward to going every week."


  • "As a single mother, I have the usual concerns. Is my child safe? Is he learning something positive? I need not have worried. My son had a great experience at SCR. He looked forward to every class and enjoyed every aspect of the program. From what he shared with me, I could see that the classes incorporated teamwork, creativity and loads of laughter. The staff was wonderful and the experience was truly a gift that continues to give. His creativity is leaping forward."

  • "The SCR Theatre Conservatory has been an amazing gift for our daughter. At SCR, she not only explores the character, but she also discovers herself as an actor and as a person. Her experiences here inspire her in all other areas of her life."

  • "Four of our boys have participated in SCR’s Theatre Conservatory. The process-based approach to theater has allowed them to build their skills from the ground up, while sparking their imaginations at each step along the way. Beyond the artistic value, the staff has fostered a positive environment that encourages all the students to reach beyond themselves and broaden their awareness of the world around them. The experiences our boys have gained at SCR will continue to benefit them both personally and in whatever field they choose to pursue."