What do kids and parent's think of SCR's program?

They LOVE it! The instructors and staff of SCR’s Education Department are able to watch the progress, both in and out of class, of each Theatre Conservatory student. They see the joy and the confidence that builds through the weeks, months and—often—years that students spend in the program. They are happy to share some comments with you.


  • "It it helped me take the first step into acting."

  • "I learned how to do mime and mask work. I loved miming because you can do anything, and I loved mask because you have a chance to be free and to be a different person."

  • "SCR was a very good experience for me. Every day taught me something new, I learned a lot about acting. This was my favorite camp of the whole summer."


  • "SCR is such an amazing place. I met many friends and teachers that are excellent. I wish these classes were forever! Thanks SCR!"

  • "In the beginning, I wasn’t really up for it. But once I met my teacher and my fellow classmates, I had a blast! This place helped me improve myself in so many ways!"


  • "Not only did I learn how to create character through body movements and facial expressions, but I also learned the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to put on a show, through lighting design, costumes, sets and stage management."


  • "SCR improved my confidence on stage."

  • "It was the best summer camp I’ve ever done. It was wonderful."


  • "My experience at SCR has changed my outlook on singing a song. I learned that it isn’t just about hitting the notes and sounding pretty. It's more about getting into your character, finding the person you are singing to, and finding out why. Thanks SCR!"

  • "At SCR, I learned how to communicate with everybody in a healthy way. It’s easier for me to make friends now."

  • "During my three years, I have really grown as a person and an actor. The teachers have been supportive. I wish I could be here all the time."

  • "I’ve been to many other theaters but have never felt as welcome as I do at SCR.

  • "The teachers and the people who work here are amazing; they really take you by the hand and help you grow through the entire experience."

  • "I like how in the classes I’ve been in at SCR really focus on telling the story, rather than just pretending, or acting something out."


  • "As a single mother, I have the usual concerns. Is my child safe? Is he learning something positive? I need not have worried. My son had a great experience at SCR. He looked forward to every class and enjoyed every aspect of the program. From what he shared with me, I could see that the classes incorporated teamwork, creativity, and loads of laughter. The staff was wonderful and workshop was truly a gift that continues to give. His creativity is leaping forward" - Lucinda

  • "The SCR Conservatory has been an amazing gift for our daughter. At SCR she not only explores the character, but she also discovers herself as an actor and as a person. Her experiences here inspire her in all other areas of her life." - Noel

  • "Four of our boys have participated in SCR’s Theatre Conservatory. The process-based approach to theater has allowed them to build their skills from the ground up, while sparking their imaginations at each step along the way. Beyond the artistic value, the staff has fostered a positive environment that encourages every student to reach beyond themselves and broaden their awareness of the world around them. The experience our boys have gained at SCR will continue to benefit them both personally and in whatever field they choose to pursue." - Mike and Laura