You're given money to write a play. Now what? In this insightful series on how new plays are developed, SCR's commissioned playwrights get put in the hot seat. And who better to interview them than some of our favorite actors?

FUN FACT: SCR has commissioned more than 200 playwrights who have written more than 300 plays!​

Amy Freed and Danny Scheie
Playwright Amy Freed Interviewed by Actor Danny Scheie
Playwright Kemp Powers interviewed by Actor Giovanni Adams
Playwright Ana Nogueira interviewed by Actor Annie Abrams
Lauren Yee and Joe Ngo
Playwright Lauren Yee interviewed by Actor ​Joe Ngo
Mike Lew and Adam Gwon
Playwright Mike Lew interviewed by Playwright and Composer Adam Gwon
Gonzalez and Ivers
Playwright José Cruz González interviewed by SCR Artistic Director David Ivers
Playwright Caroline V. McGraw interviewed by Director Tony Taccone with Actor Brendan Titley