​Multimedia​: 2014-15 and 2013-14 Seasons

Here's a convenient round-up of information about each production in a season​—including stories, dramaturgical notes, programs, videos, podcasts and more. In addition, read in-depth stories from our Theatre Conservatory and about supporters of SCR's programs.

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2014-15 SEASON

​Peter and the Starcatcher

Audience Reactions to Peter and the Starcatcher Video
Scenes from Peter and the Starcatcher
Video-Shelley the Mermaid talks about Peter and the Starcatcher
Audiences Catch a Star
From the start, South Coast audiences have heaped praise on Peter and the Starcatcher. Check out playgoer reaction and check out the fun Starcatcher-themed props!
Sail Away with Peter and the Starcatcher
Excerpts from South Coast Repertory’s Peter and the Starcatcher, by Rick Elice, based on the novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson.
Even Mermaids love Peter and the Starcatcher
Shelly—​SCR’s resident mermaid talks with Communications Associate Nicholas Pilapil about what she loves about the show.

​Mr. Wolf

Nicholas Interviews Rajiv Joseph
Scenes from Mr. Wolf
An Interview with Playwright Rajiv Joseph
Rajiv Joseph talks playwriting and the mystery that is his new play ​Mr. Wolf in this fun chat with SCR Communications Associate Nicholas Pilapil.
Peer Into the World of Mr. Wolf
Playwright Rajiv Joseph describes his new play, Mr. Wolf, as mysterious. A psychological thriller. Catch some of the mood of the play in these excerpts.

Of Good Stock

Nicholas in the Nicholas - Of Good Stock
Good Stock Teaser
Of Good Stock Audience Reaction Video
Behind the Scenes: Of Good Stock
Go behind the scenes of a photo shoot with the cast of Melissa Ross’, Of Good Stock. The actors get serious and get funny as they get their publicity photos taken.
Of Good Stock Teaser
This is the is the story of the Stockton sisters and the men in their lives. It’s not easy keeping up with them. Especially when everyone gathers at the family home in Cape Cod.
Audiences Fall in Love with Of Good Stock
Everything works in this world premiere production of Melissa Ross' play, Of Good Stock. And audiences are loving the show!
Scenes from Of Good Stock
Excerpts from Of Good Stock
It’s not easy keeping up with the Stockton sisters, especially for the men in their lives. But good scotch helps, and in the end what matters most is family. Catch a glimpse in these clips.

tokyo fish story

Excerpts from tokyo fish story
Excerpts from tokyo fish story
Generations, gender and tradition collide in tokyo fish story, a new play by Kimber Lee. Koji is a sushi master whose traditional sushi restaurant is on the decline and the new sushi place down the street packs them in.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Edward Tulane Slideshow
The Edward Tulane Musicians
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane brings out amazing musicianship from the four-member cast. The actors recently worked on some of the 1930s-vintage music that’s featured in this play. Watch and listen! 
A Rabbit's Journey: Photos from The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
Travel with a little girl’s very dapper china rabbit as he discovers the transformative power of love. Watch our slideshow from the show.

Kneehigh's Tristan and Yseult

Tristan & Yesult Teaser
Masterson on Tristan
Audience Members react to Tristan & Yseult
Tristan & Yseult Teaser
The classic tale of star-crossed lovers is played out with wild abandon—and a touch of Tarantino—by Kneehigh, the British company that the Chicago Tribune called “thrillingly theatrical.”
Why You’ll Fall in Love With Kneehigh's Tristan & Yseult
SCR's Artistic Director Marc Masterson talks about why Kneehigh caught his attention and why audiences in Southern California will fall in love with Tristan & Yseult.
Audiences Love Tristan & Yseult
Kneehigh's Tristan & Yseult blends comedy, music, tragedy, a magic potion, binocular-toting love-seekers and young lovers into a modern take on an old story. Audiences love the show!

The Whipping Man

The Whipping Man
Whipping Man Interview #1
Whipping Man Interview
The Whipping Man Teaser
April 1865. The Civil War ends, leaving destruction in its wake. In the ruins of a once-majestic plantation home, three Jewish men prepare for Passover—the owner’s son and his family’s former slaves.
In Discussion Part I: The Whipping Man
Director Martin Benson and Robinson sat down in-between rehearsals to talk about how they dig into the script, the story, the characters and more to prepare this show.
In Discussion Part II: The Whipping Man
Director Martin Benson and Robinson sat down in-between rehearsals to talk about how both actor and director put time into research to help prepare for the show. 

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol Begins
Tasting Wassail
Making Wassail
A Christmas Carol Begins
SCR celebrates 35 years of A Christmas Carol—an Orange County holiday tradition. The cast gathered for its first full rehearsal in early November and then quickly moved into dialogue, blocking, song and dance.
SCR Audiences Taste Wassail
SCR’s 35th anniversary production of A Christmas Carol opens with a song about the traditional wassail drink that carolers are served. But what is “wassail”? SCR made a batch and set up a taste-test for playgoers.
How to Make Wassail
“Wassail” is a traditional hot drink served to carolers. A song celebrating wassail is a feature of SCR’s production of A Christmas Carol. SCR staffer Nicholas Pilapil teaches you how to make the drink.

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web Costumes
Charlotte’s Web Behind the Scenes: Costume Production
SCR’s Costume Shop does incredible work—you see it with each production on our stages. But have you seen the process close up? See how some Soojin Lee’s designs for Charlotte’s Web came to life.


Zealot Excerpts
Excerpts from Zealot
Two diplomats go head-to-head in Mecca as an international incident unfolds. Check out their verbal sparring in these excerpts from the world premiere of Zealot by Theresa Rebeck.

Venus in Fur

Venus in Fur Interview
Venus in Fur
Venus in Fur Excerpts
What Makes Venus in Fur Smart, Sizzling, and Sexy?
Actors Jaimi Paige and Graham Hamilton step offstage to talk about what makes David Ives’ Venus in Fur “click” with them. The two-person play is smart, sizzling and more.
Venus in Fur Teaser
Thunder claps and Vanda suddenly storms in to the rehearsal studio to audition for Thomas, the playwright. Sparks fly from there in these excerpts from Venus in Fur by David Ives.
Venus in Fur Excerpts
Thomas is looking for an actress for his new play. Vanda stumbles in, late, and proceeds to become the character he’s looking for. Or is she? Watch excerpts from Venus in Fur by David Ives.

The Tempest

Tempest Video
SCR Audience Reaction
Scenes from The Tempest
Why this Version of The Tempest is Special
In the creative hands of Aaron Posner and Teller, the “island” of The Tempest is transformed into a Dust Bowl-era traveling tent show. 
OC Audience Raves for The Tempest
Audiences love The Tempest and aren’t shy about sharing their enthusiasm for the play.
Excerpts from The Tempest
All the right ingredients: amazing magic, incredible music and a time-honored story. Take a look at these excerpts from Aaron Posner and Teller's The Tempest.
2013-14 SEASON


Scenes from Tartuffe
Excerpts from Tartuffe
With a magnificent cast, set and costumes, Moliere's Tartuffe is re-imagined through the vision of renowned director Dominique Serrand. Watch excerpts from the play.
Serrand talks his love for Tartuffe 
Internationally renowned director Dominique Serrand brings a stunning and darker vision to Tartuffe. Among his musings, he talks about the first time he saw Tartuffe and his concept for staging of the play.

The Purple Lights of Joppa Illinois

Purple Lights of Joppa Illinois
An excerpt from The Purple Lights of Joppa Illinois
Eli is about to have a visitor who will change his life.  Watch an excerpt from playwright Adam Rapp's world premiere.

Five Mile Lake

Rachel Bonds and Daniella Topol
Five Mile Lake Interview with Playwright and Director
Playwright Rachel Bonds is excited by the world premiere of her work, Five Mile Lake. It is her first collaboration with SCR. In this video, she and director Daniella Topol talk about the play.
Five Mile Lake
Excerpts from Five Mile Lake
While Jamie was content to stay in the town where he grew up, his brother, Rufus, left home as soon as he could to live in "the big city." Watch these video excerpts from Five Mile Lake.


Sam Hunter Talks about Rest
Samuel D. Hunter Talks About Rest

Playwright Samuel D. Hunter sets many of his plays in his home state of Idaho. And for Rest, he found inspiration close to home. Watch Hunter talk about his play and playwriting in this video.

Excerpts from Rest
A retirement home in Idaho is closing. A blizzard is bearing down. The remaining residents and staff are snowed in; but one of the residents has disappeared. Watch excerpts from the world premiere of Rest.


Reunion Excerpt
Excerpts from Reunion

When three men get together at their 25th high school reunion they find out that they have a lot of unresolved issues. Watch these excerpts from the world premiere of Gregory S Moss’ Reunion.

Tim on Reunion
Tim Cummings Talks About Reunion

Actor Tim Cummings portrays Mitch in the world premiere of Gregory S Moss’ Reunion, about three high school buddies who reunite at their 25th high school reunion. Watch this video to learn why he’s so jazzed about the play.

Reunion Inspiration
Inspiration for Reunion

Take a peek at some early inspiration pieces for Reunion by Gregory S Moss. The design presentation from Director Adrienne Campbell-Holt helped set the play’s ambience as rehearsals began.

The Light in the Piazza

Light in the Piazza Video
Excerpts from The Light in the Piazza

A gorgeous set, beautiful costumes and glorious songs are all part of The Light in the Piazza. See video excerpts from our production.

Excerpts of “Passegiata” from The Light in the Piazza.

A gorgeous set, beautiful costumes and glorious songs are all part of The Light in the Piazza. See video excerpts from our production.

Studio SCR


Elements of hip-hop—like beat boxin’, spoken word and movement—are powerful tools that tell a story out of Riverside, Calif., in the Studio SCR piece Dreamscape.

Trudy and Max in Love

Trudy and Max in Love in 60 Seconds
Trudy and Max in Love in 60 Seconds

Do you believe in love at first sight? That’s part of the story of Trudy and Max in Love, a new play by Zoe Kazan. SCR’s Literary Director Kimberly Colburn tells you more—in 60 seconds or less.

Scenes from Trudy and Max in Love

When Trudy and Max meet, there’s instant chemistry. But there’s a problem: she’s married, he’s not. But she still loves her husband. See video excerpts from our production of Zoe Kazan’s newest play, Trudy and Max in Love.

Ivy + Bean, the Musical

Watch the Ivy+Bean Slideshow
Ivy, Bean and all the kids (and parents) on Pancake Court are having a great time with fun, frolics and friendship. See our slideshow from Ivy+Bean, The Musical.

Fast Company

‪Playwright Carla Ching talks about Fast Company‬
Playwright Carla Ching talks about three cool things from her upcoming play Fast Company. SCR brings you the world premiere of her work in October.
Fast Company Tease
Fast Company Teaser

The grift is on! Check out SCR’s trailer for the world premiere of Carla Ching’s Fast Company. Do you know who’s conning whom?

Fast Company Scenes
Watch excerpts from Fast Company
Meet the Kwans—Mable, Blue, H and Francis. They keep Fast Company in the world premiere of Carla Ching’s play and they can charm you out of anything. Why? They’re grifters. 

Death of a Salesman

Excerpts from Death of a Salesman
Put Willy, Linda, Biff, Happy and (from beyond the grave) Ben together and it’s the Loman family. Add eight additional and diverse characters and you’ve got a powerful staging of Death of a Salesman.
Death of a Salesman in 60 Seconds
Former SCR Dramaturg Kimberly Colburn takes 60 seconds to talk about this classic play and the bottom line for the plot and this production.
Death of a Salesman Teaser
SCR's 50th Season opens with Arthur Miller's classic Death of a Salesman

Top photo: From left to right, Patrick Kerr, Dan Butler, Kimberly Scott and Christopher Liam Moore in Jeff Whitty's The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler in 2006. Photo by Mark Jordan.