Acting Classes: Where Young People Shine

Tania Thompson
 | Aug 29, 2016
Theatre Conservatory

Teacher Sara Guerrero works with students in class.

South Coast Repertory’s Theatre Conservatory has been inspiring and transforming students for more than four decades. The impact of the classes isn’t just about learning a process or craft, but providing students with a chance to build confidence, find creativity and shine. Here’s what students and parents say.

  • “Whether it’s through the lasting friendships I have made or the multitudes of characters I have been able to explore, SCR has given me the opportunity to be myself, without judgment. Without the safety that SCR allowed me to grow in, I would never have developed the confidence to speak up in my academic classes, assuredly master every college interview or just be brave enough to tell people how I feel. SCR provided an environment where I could spend 10 years evolving from a curious child into an articulate adult.”—Jamie, student

  • “Working with the instructors and young actors at SCR has given our son an understanding of the hard work, teamwork and passion it takes to be successful in theatre. It’s like he has become part of a large family there, and he loves it. He has developed relationships with kids and adults of all ages that will last for many years to come.”—Alan, parent

  • “My training at SCR has helped me to become a better listener and open-minded observer of the world. The lessons we learn onstage as characters or ourselves can always be applied to our lives outside the theatre.”—Rachel, Conservatory graduate

  • “SCR is the perfect environment for children to work totally independently from parents, develop transferable skills on their own merit, commit to team work and excel in a safe, supportive and highly creative environment.”—Katy, parent

  • “The Theatre Conservatory has given me a level of confidence that has helped me trust myself; my choices. I’m finding myself responding to life's circumstances with greater confidence.”—Tara, student

  • “SCR has helped me grow as a person by teaching me the importance of a strong work ethic and giving me the confidence to be myself no matter what career path I choose.”—Olivia, student

  • “To put into words how much SCR has helped all four of my kids, who have and are attending, is almost impossible. The classes are well-formulated and age-appropriate, in regards to the curriculum that is covered. The instructors, however, are over-the-top amazing. They will help your child become the best ‘self’ they can be and allow them to step outside of their comfort zone in a safe environment. My kids are well-rounded, happy, outgoing and confident with the help of SCR. The Theatre Conservatory classes have become a requirement in our household that the kids all look forward to weekly!”—Melissa, parent

  • “SCR has become an essential part of who I am today. The acting classes have given me the confidence and creative choices to use in every facet of my daily life and have shown me that acting skills are life skills. Thanks to SCR, I have the tools to pave any path in life I want for myself. The friends I've made in the program are some of the brightest and most creative people I know. To many of us in the program, SCR is truly a magical place. SCR is a second home.”—Chris, Conservatory graduate

  • "We are grateful for what the programs have meant to our son. He found himself engaged in a world that he also contributes to and has matured into a compassionate confident disciplined young person. We are most grateful.”—Lisa and Andrew, parents

  • “SCR is a place where I really got to see who I am and who I want to be.”—Nick, student

Acting classes at SCR are where lasting friendships develop. Find out how four students met a decade ago in classes and developed a deep and lasting connection

Besides guiding them in their young lives and preparing them for the future, acting classes (obviously) teach young people all about ACTING. For Theatre Conservatory Director Hisa Takakuwa, it’s all about the “process.”

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