Who's Who in "Flora & Ulysses"

Danielle Bliss
 | Jan 23, 2017


From a skeptical little girl to a squirrel with super powers to a comic-book super hero, the world of Flora & Ulysses is populated with some of the most colorful characters.

Flora Belle Buckman
She’s 10 years old and refers to herself as a natural-born cynic. Flora doesn’t have many friends, but gets a lot of enjoyment from reading comic books. Her favorite is The Amazing Incandesto. Her side-kick (whom she loves!) is Ulysses the Squirrel, who has superhero powers. Flora lives by the mantra, “Do not hope; instead, observe.”



Yep. He’s a squirrel, but with a difference: he develops superpowers after a near-death experience (hint: he gets sucked up by a vacuum cleaner). He can fly, lift heavy objects, understand human speech and type poetry. He’s also hungry all the time.

Tootie Tickham
She’s Flora’s neighbor and loves poetry. Tootie has a very powerful vacuum cleaner, which she received from her husband. She kindly, but reluctantly, agreed to take in her great-nephew, an odd little boy named William Spiver.

Phyllis Buckman
She’s Flora’s mother and a romance novelist whose most prized possession is a lamp that she calls ‘Mary Ann, Shepherdess to the Lost’. Phyllis doesn’t understand Ulysses’ powers and Flora believes that Phyllis is Ulysses’ arch-nemesis.

George Buckman
He’s Flora’s father, whom Flora feels closest to—and, like Flora, he loves the comic book, The Amazing Incandesto. George is divorced from Flora’s mother, which means he’s only able to see Flora during their scheduled visits. He hasn’t smiled since his divorce, so some may describe him as a sad and nervous man.


​​Dr. Meescham

Dr. Meescham
She’s George’s neighbor and a doctor of philosophy. She sometimes tells stories of the faraway village she grew up in, called Blundermeecen, where people—on occasion—were terrorized by trolls.

William Spiver
William is an 11-year-old boy and is Mrs. Tickham’s great-nephew. Don’t call him ‘Billy’; he’s mighty touchy on that topic. William was banished for reasons he doesn't care to talk about.  William claims to suffer from temporary blindness from this incident. He’s not impressed with the quality of Ulysses’ poetry.

Rita is a waitress at the restaurant, Do-Nut World. Some might describe her as nosy.

Ernie is a cook at Do-Nut World. Ulysses loves donuts!

Mr. Klaus
He’s a terrifying cat belonging to the manager of George’s apartment building. Both the cat and the manager are named Mr. Klaus.

Alfred T. Slipper
Alfred is also known as The Amazing Incandesto, a janitor-turned-comic-book-superhero. He looks a lot like George Buckman.

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Costume and puppet renderings by designer Sara Ryung Clement.