Role Call: Meet the Cast of "The Siegel"

Tania Thompson
 | Mar 14, 2017

A mix of SCR veterans and actors making their debut here are featured in Michael Mitnick’s The Siegel. This comedy follows Ethan Siegel, who is in love. Tonight he's going to ask Alice's parents for permission to marry her. Timing is everything, though, and Alice is reeling from working on a lost election—not to mention that she and Ethan broke up two years ago and she’s seeing someone else. But Ethan is undaunted. Here’s a bit about the cast, including some stories about ‘the-one-who-got-away’.

Aquino,-AmyNAME: Amy AquinoPrevious SCR Appearances: A Feminine Ending
TV & Film Includes: “Bosch,” “Brooklyn Bridge,” “Glee,” “Being Human,” White Oleander, Lazarus Effect.
Theatre Includes: The Heidi Chronicles, Twelfth Night, The Underpants.
Book Read in Secret as a Kid: Can’t say I had a secret book. But I did play solitaire for hours with round cards.
Knew She Would Be an Actor When: I was pre-med, majoring in biology in a school with no theatre program, but ​then I realized that I was spending 80% of my time doing theatre. I knew I needed to give it a shot or I'd always regret it. I moved to New York, took classes, auditioned for tiny shows and for drama schools and, after three tries, was admitted to Yale School of Drama.
Literary Hero: Dorothy Parker.
Laugh Out Loud Funny: Animals communicating their emotions; political satirist Andy Borowitz.
Latte or Tea: LATTE. SOY LATTE! Every morning, first thing. Even brought a machine to SCR.
Story About the One Who Got Away: I didn't start looking for my life partner until later in my life, and I found him pretty quickly when I did start looking. We've been married more than two decades.

Flashback: I was crazy in love with my first boyfriend in college. He was beautiful, sweet, made me laugh, made me feel attractive for the first time ever. When he broke up with me, he felt so bad that he continued come over and hang out with me; ​and he didn't have the heart to tell me he was actually seeing somebody else. When I was finally informed by a mutual friend, I confronted him with such vehemence that he went out into the snow in his bare feet and for the next two years he wouldn't eat with his girlfriend in the dining hall for fear of my seeing them and being upset. I did not go gently!

Flash Forward: I saw him years later and made dinner for him and his new girlfriend.We never would have made it as husband and wife, and I haven't seen him in decades, but he still has a fond place in my heart. I guess you never do forget your first love.

Arkin,-MatthewNAME: Matthew ArkinPrevious SCR Appearances: All the Way, The Whale, The Prince of Atlantis, Our Mother’s Brief Affair.
TV & Film Includes: Margot at the Wedding, Second Best, An Unmarried Woman, “Aquarius,” “NCIS,” “Medium,” “Law & Order” franchise, “All My Children.”
Theatre Includes: Dinner with Friends, Rounding Third, Laughter on the 23rd Floor, Sight Unseen.
Book Read in Secret as a Kid: None. My parents let me read whatever I wanted. Never felt the need to hide anything in that regard.
Knew He Would Be an Actor When: After practicing law for five years. I always say, “My worst day as an actor is better than my best day as a lawyer.”
Literary Hero: Atticus Finch. I made the mistake of thinking that he was the man he was because he was an attorney.
Laugh Out Loud Funny: Really, really stupid jokes, and climate change deniers.
Latte or Tea: Come on...Gotta be black coffee. Maybe with a shot of bourbon in it.
Story About the One Who Got Away: There's no way I'm going there. I'm in a relationship, and I want to keep it.

Feldman,-BenNAME: Ben Feldman Role: Ethan Siegel
TV & Film Includes: “Superstore,” “Mad Men,” “Silicon Valley,” “A to Z,” “The Mindy Project,” Between Us, Friday the 13th.
Theatre Includes: The Graduate.
Book Read in Secret as a Kid: Fortunately, I didn't grow up in the Dead Poets Society, so there was no obligation to keep literature secret.
Knew He Would Be an Actor When: Getting cast in the smallest part in a senior one-act in high school after being ignored by the drama teacher my entire freshman year. Incidentally, the drama teacher's name was Tom Bogar.
Literary Hero: Hedwig.
Laugh Out Loud Funny: When other actors break character to laugh.
Latte or Tea: Black coffee.
Story About the One Who Got Away: I married her.

Gummer,-MamieNAME: Mamie GummerRole: Alice
TV & Film Includes: “The Collection,” “Manhattan,” “The Good Wife,” “Emily Owens, MD” Ricki and the Flash, The End of the Tour, Cake, Echo Park.
Theatre Includes: Ugly Lies the Bone, Mr. Marmalade, Uncle Vanya, The School for Lies, The Autumn Garden, Les Liaisons Dangereuses.
Book Read in Secret as a Kid: I don't recall ever having to keep reading a secret. ​It was more likely the opposite.
Knew She Would Be an Actor When: Seeing Natasha Richardson in Cabaret.
Literary Hero: Brave Irene (William Steig)
Laugh Out Loud Funny: Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer.
Latte or Tea: Matcha
Story About the One Who Got Away: Nobody gets away from me.

Devon-SorvariNAME: Devon Sorvari TV & Film Includes: “The Mentalist,” “Gilmore Girls,” “ER,” Hellraiser.
Theatre Includes: The Graduate, Ah Wilderness, Fathers and Sons, The School for Scandal, Inherit the Wind, Hamlet, Cyrano de Bergerac.
Book Read in Secret as a Kid: I had my face glued to a book almost all the time, couldn't have kept it a secret if I tried. Total bookworm. (There's another answer to this, but it's a bit risque...)
Knew She Would Be an Actor When: As far as I remember, I was born like this. I put on plays in the back yard. I got my Equity card when I was 11. I guess "decisions" didn't come into it until I had to decide whether to stick with it through thick and thin, especially when it was thin more often than not. So...yesterday. Today. Probably tomorrow. I still haven't found anything that brings me nearly as much joy, so I keep deciding "yes."
Literary Hero: Surprisingly hard question! I think it's the WRITERS I really admire. But in general, I look up to characters who are flawed but courageous. Who overcome their own fears and limitations. Who speak their minds and follow their own passions. Who struggle with right and wrong and mostly choose right. Massive bonus points if they can also fly.
Laugh Out Loud Funny: Big fan of British comedy. Cats doing ... anything. The crazy stuff that comes out of people's mouths when they're improvising. Witty stuff. Dark stuff.
Latte or Tea: Ohmygod, TEA. Here's a good tea video.
Story About the One Who Got Away: The brilliant Anne Gee Byrd was asked in a Los Angeles Times interview what she had learned about life over 60. She replied, "That the party wasn't anywhere else." I try to live by that, even when it means having to beat romantic ideas out of myself with a stick. I also think the ones who deserve to be there are the ones who ARE if people got lost somewhere along the way (or ran off) - the heck with 'em. The rest I'm keeping for my imaginary anthology of sad poetry. :-)

Worsley,-DominiqueNAME: Dominique Worsley TV & Film Includes: “APB.”
Theatre Includes: Tug of War, Foreign Fire, Accidentally Like a Martyr, Tartuffe, Grand Concourse, Animal Farm.
Book Read in Secret as a Kid: I had a super secret collection of “Babysitter's Club” books for some odd reason in elementary school.
Knew He Would Be an Actor When: I was 15 and watched three hours of behind the scenes footage from X-Men. I fell I love with the craft after seeing Hugh Jackman audition and rehearse.
Literary Hero: Paul Atreides of Frank Herbert's “Dune.”
Laugh Out Loud Funny: People slipping on ice.
Latte or Tea: Latte
Story About the One Who Got Away: After a four-year relationship, she broke it off. I tried for a while to get back together, with no success. After a few months, I resolved to move on and then I got a call from her wanting to meet for coffee to talk. I decided not to go. She's now in another relationship and recently informed me her reason to get coffee at that time was to try and get back together.

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