From Joan Crawford to Ben Kingsley—Adaptations of "A Doll’s House"

Tania Thompson
 | Mar 27, 2017
1922 A Doll's House

​A movie poster for the 1922 silent version of A Doll's House.

1917 Doll's House Movie Poster

Movie poster for the ​1917 version of A Doll's House.

1973 Version of A Doll's House

Movie poster for the 19​73 version of A Doll's House starring Anthony Hopkins and Clair Bloom.

1973 movie poster for a Doll's House

Movie poster for the​ other 1973 version of A Doll's House starring Jane Fonda.

Since Ibsen’s A Doll’s House debuted in 1879, it has been produced not only on stages around the world, but also has been adapted for film, television and radio. Among the actors featured in the theatrical performances are Joan Crawford, Basil Rathbone, Juliet Stevenson and Toby Stephens.


  • 1917: Silent film with Dorothy Phillips as Nora and William Stowell as Torvald. Directed by Joe De Grasse.
  • 1918: Silent film with Elsie Ferguson as Nora and Holmes Herbert as Torvald. Directed by Maurice Tourneur
  • 1922: Silent film with Alla Nazimova as Nora and Alan Hale Sr. as Torvald. Charles Bryant directed.
  • 1923: Nora, silent German film, with Olga Tschechowa as Nora and Carl Ebert as Torvald. Berthold Viertel directed.
  • 1943: Casa de muñecas, Argentinian film with Delia Garcés as Nora and George Rigaud as Torvald. Ernesto Arancibia directed and set the story in the ‘40s.
  • 1973: American film with Jane Fonda as Nora and David Warner as Torvald. Directed by Joseph Losey.
  • 1973: British film with Claire Bloom as Nora and Anthony Hopkins as Torvald. Directed by Patrick Garland.
  • 1993: Sara, Iranian film with Niki Karimi as the Nora character. Directed by Dariush Mehrjui.
  • 2013: Nora, British film with Hattie Morahan in the title role. This short film was released by London’s Young Vic Theatre as part of ​its YV Shorts, a series of short films inspired by works upon Vic's stages.
  • 2018: Forthcoming film adaptation is set against the backdrop of the current economic crisis, with Ben Kingsley as Doctor Rank and Michele Martin as Nora. Charles Huddleston is set to direct.


  • 1959: A live broadcast (preserved in kinescope) with Julie Harris as Nora and Christopher Plummer as Torvald. Directed by George Schaefer.
  • 1974: “Nora Helmer,” a German television adaptation, with Margit Carstensen in the title role and Joachim Hansen as Torvald. Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder.
  • 1992: Part of the British “Performance” series, with Juliet Stevenson as Nora and Trevor Eve as Torvald. Directed by David Thacker.


  • 1938: Part of the “Lux Radio Theatre” series, with Joan Crawford as Nora and Basil Rathbone as Torvald.
  • 1947: Part of the “Theatre Guild on the Air” series, with Dorothy McGuire as Nora and Basil Rathbone as Torvald.
  • 2012: Part of “BBC Drama on 3” series, set in 1879 Calcutta, with Indira Varma as Niru (Nora), an Indian woman, and Toby Stephens as Tom (Torvald), an Englishman working for the British Colonial administration.

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