Graduating Seniors Ready to Take Next Step

Beth Fhaner
 | May 08, 2017

Jamie Ostmann

Jamie Oostman

​Christopher Huntley and Jamie Ostmann in the Summer Players production of Beauty and the Beast.

Meet Jamie Ostmann

This season, five graduating seniors are included among South Coast Repertory's most advanced teen students (the Teen Players and the Teen Ensemble acting class). All of these students got their start in the Summer Acting Workshop and have continued to participate in SCR acting classes throughout the last several years.

In this mini-blog series, we’ll introduce all five of this year’s graduating seniors. First up, meet Jamie Ostmann, who is currently a student in Teen Players and Advanced Musical Theatre. She started in the Theatre Conservatory 10 years ago, inspired by her older sister who also studied acting at SCR.

What are some of the highlights from your acting classes at SCR?

In my early years at SCR, I met some of my best friends, and then got to be in so many shows with them. It’s always a surprise to see who sticks around in your life. That’s what I always tell the younger kids at SCR. That shy little boy in my Year II class and that girl who played a mouse with me in Cinderella are now ​among my best friends. But if you told me that at the time, I’d have said you were crazy. SCR is all about the people who stand by you for years and, if you’re in the program for long enough, you’ll find those people who grow up with you.

What have you enjoyed most about being in Players productions?

I’ve been blessed by playing an incredible variety of roles at SCR. I’m really not “typecast,” so that has led to some interesting roles. I’ve played a chicken, a six-year old boy, a fairy, an evil witch and so many more. I’ve gotten to explore so many different people and perspectives; it’s been a joy.

What are some of the skills you’ve developed?

Things like articulation and basic vocal skills that I learned as a child at SCR have prepared me to be a better public speaker. The confidence I’ve developed as a result of SCR has helped me in my everyday life as well.

What’s the best thing about SCR’s acting classes?

You meet the coolest people! The people I’ve befriended through SCR have become doctors and playwrights and actors and salespeople. People come from all sorts of backgrounds and have different life experiences. It really enriches your life.

Do you plan to go to college?

I will be attending Harvard in the fall to study ​history and literature. I’m considering joint-concentrating in the theatre, ​dance and media program and I definitely want to continue being in plays in college.

How have the Conservatory classes prepared you for this next step?

I’ve learned to never say "no" to an opportunity. I always get so sad when I hear about Conservatory students—especially younger ones—who say they don’t want to “just be in the ensemble.” Some of my favorite SCR memories are from when I played ensemble roles in Summer Players shows. Usually, you learn the most when you get to work closely with other people, whether that’s in singing or movement or something else. You can’t always have the lead role or the big role, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a ton and have a great time. I hope when I go off to college, I will embrace every opportunity, just like I tried to at SCR.

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