Meet Tess Fox—Returning Student Reflects on Her Summer Acting Workshop Experience

Beth Fhaner
 | Jun 28, 2017
Tess Yost

Tess Fox

SCR’s Summer Acting Workshop is a fun, two-week theatre camp for kids and teens, where students can explore the craft of acting in a creative and safe environment. Interactive instruction in voice, movement, character development and more is provided to students, in addition to them getting to enjoy time with special guests, who offer insight into various aspects of theatre such as design, improvisation, combat, singing and playwriting. The two week program wraps up with students sharing their work onstage in a demonstration for invited family and friends.

Student Tess Fox gets a lot out of the summer theatre camp—in fact, she has been attending the Summer Acting Workshop for seven consecutive years. Tess admits that she always had an interest in acting and was encouraged to take classes by her mother, who took acting classes at SCR for a decade. Tess gave the Summer Program a try and ended up loving it—she’s been back every year since.

“I keep coming back every year because SCR is a place where you can have fun and still learn a lot about acting,” she says.

Here, Tess shares her thoughts on her summer theatre camp experience and what other kids/teens can expect with the program.

What are some of the skills the Summer Acting Workshop has helped you develop?

I have developed many skills including being able to work well with others, being driven and being able to take a risk and try something that I have never done before.

What are some of your memorable theatre camp moments?

I love hearing from all of the special guests that teach us about the different aspects of acting. My favorite guest taught Improv at SCR. He was hilarious! He made what seemed to be a boring subject more interesting. Another memorable moment was when I developed a character to make some of my friends laugh. Every day I would come into acting class and they would ask me questions about my character. It started off as a joke and then became a learning experience.

What do you enjoy the most about SCR's Summer Acting Program?

I enjoy just getting to talk to interesting people that share a love of acting like I do. I love coming into class and listening to our teacher tell us stories of mess-ups on stage and forgetting lines and things like that.

What advice would you give to other kids or teens who are considering taking acting classes at SCR?

I would say that if you are considering taking these classes then you need to be open. You need to not be afraid to do something even though it may seem weird; it is probably going to help you develop important acting skills.

Is acting something you will continue with once you are out of school?

I don’t think so, because I am more of a musician. But I know that I will take the skills I learned from acting with me forever, though.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your SCR experience?

SCR is an incredible place that makes my summer memorable.

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