The Rehearsal Process from a Parent’s Perspective

Alyssa Dong
 | Jul 26, 2018
Seussical Rehearsal

Lauren Dong, center, and cast members at the first read-through rehearsal of Seussical.

Alyssa Dong

Alyssa Dong

Seussical rehearsals have begun and there is excitement in the air. If you aren’t aware of what happens, I am more than happy to share. My daughter, Lauren, is Seussical this year as Gertrude McFuzz.

On the first day of rehearsal, the kids attend a brief parent meeting. This is a good time for parents to meet each other and arrange possible carpools, meet the directors and stage crew and hear about how the next five weeks will unfold. While I feel fortunate ​to have attended many of these meetings, each one feels like a new adventure unfolding.

Normally, the kids rehearse ​Mondays-Fridays from 1-6 p.m.; not everyone may be called at the same time, depending on the scenes being worked that day. The kids love spending time together and seeing the ideas of the play unfold. They love when it’s time to try on their costumes, too! These kids are dedicated and humble, and they cherish every minute ​learning about acting, making friendships, working hard and having fun. They build a special bond with each other.

All of the kids in the Seussical cast are from Orange County; some families live close to SCR, others live as far away as San Clemente and Riverside. My daughter attends the Orange County School of the Arts with a few other kids who are in Seussical. Similar to ​what happens in school, lifelong friendships are built among these kids who spend time together at SCR, no matter how far they live from each other.

I feel like I am going through a special journey, too. When I sit with another parent at a Starbucks having a nice visit catching up with summer plans and our kids while we wait for rehearsal to finish; this that helps create memories I hold close to my heart. When I drive Lauren to and from SCR, I get to listen to her excitement, how her day has gone and I watch her grow confidently and happily with each passing rehearsal. When I dropped her off today, I noticed the kids from the cast sitting together on the grass near the theatre and I thought, “My daughter is creating so many priceless memories at SCR. How did we get so lucky?”

*Stay tuned for Part III of Alyssa Dong’s blog series, from the perspective of a parent.

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