Meet the Cast of "Nate the Great"

Tania Thompson
 | Nov 02, 2018
The Cast of Nate the Great

Xavier Watson, Luzma Ortiz, Daniel Bellusci, Domonique Paton and Erika Schindele in Nate the Great.

From Mr. Monk to Scooby Doo to Nancy Drew, detective stories and mysteries are favorites of the cast of Nate the Great (Nov. 2-18, 2018, Theatre for Young Audiences). That’s probably a big reason why they’re drawn to this fun, new musical that helps kids see the world in a new way. Read on to meet the cast.


Daniel Bellusci
Character: Nate (as in “The Great”!)
Acting: I started acting in the eighth grade.
SCR credits: Last season, I was in two shows here—one for young audiences, Ella Enchanted: The Musical (as a prince!), and one called Little Black Shadows.
As a kid, what I found mysterious: Music. I come from a family of musicians so I was always surrounded by it. I was curious about why certain sounds made me feel a certain way. I am still investigating this great mystery!
As a kid, I had a favorite detective: It was a TV show called “Monk” starring Tony Shalhoub. I fell in love with the characters, especially Mr. Monk and the eccentric ways that he solved his cases.


Luzma Ortiz
Character: Rosa​mond
Acting: I grew up in a very musical family so, as a kid, I loved to sing and dance. But, then I realized that what I loved most about singing was pretending to be someone else, so…acting!
SCR credits: This is my first show here!
Other things I’ve done: Played Dora in Dora the Explorer Live!, Jan in Grease, Eva Perón in Evita and Maria from West Side Story.
As a kid, I was curious about: How tadpoles became frogs. I grew up by a lake, so one summer my sister and I collected some tadpoles and watched them grow. It was awesome!
As a kid, I had a favorite detective: Inspector Gadget.


Domonique Paton
Character: Annie
SCR credits: I’m making my debut here!
Other things I’ve done: Look for me at Disney’s California Adventure, where I play Princess Anna in Frozen—Live at the Hyperion.
When I was a kid, what I found mysterious: Cats! I didn’t understand how they had nine lives.


Erika Schindele
Characters: Mom, Fang and The Hexes
Acting: I have always loved playing in a world of make-believe!
SCR credits: I’ve been in Ella Enchanted, The Stinky Cheeseman, Jane of the Jungle, A Year with Frog and Toad, The Brand New Kid and other shows.
As a kid—and an adult—what catches my attention is: Storytelling! I’m curious about it and intrigued by it. All kinds of stories including mysteries! I would write stories like novels and plays and make my brothers help me act them out. I loved the adventures you could go on in books and plays; following characters and their epic excursions into new and thrilling situations.
As a kid, I had a favorite detective: Nancy Drew! I read all of the books.


Xavier J. Watson
Character: Harry
At SCR: This is my first time here!
Other things that I’ve done: I’ve been in shows like Anne of Green Gables and Hairspray and in TV shows like “Henry Danger” and “Around the Verse.”
As a kid, I was curious about: Why people would always ask me if my sister and I were twins. We never really wore the same clothes or anything—even though we wore uniforms at school. Plus, I always thought that twins had to be the same gender: two boys or two girls. Later, I found out that we weren't twins, but just really close as brother and sister (we were two years apart in age!).
As a kid, I had a favorite detective: The gang in “Scooby Doo.” Of course my favorite line was always, "And I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids."

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