"Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed" – A Story Overview

SCR Literary Staff
 | Jan 14, 2019

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The Characters

In Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed, six actors play 17 different characters.

  • Daniel Bellusci: Wilbur J. Mole Rat, Jr.
  • Melody Butiu: Grande Mole Rat/H&M Singer 4
  • Joel Gelman: Venti Mole Rat/H&M Singer 5
  • Nicole Cowans: Tall Mole Rat/H&M Singer 3
  • Marquell Edward Clayton: Grand-Pah Mole Rat/Stark Naked/Naked Mole Rat 4/H&M Singer 2/Announcer
  • Gina D'Acciaro: Weather Mole/Naked Mole Rat 5/H&M Singer 1/Potential Customer/Secret Service

It’s morning in the underground colony of naked mole-rats. And that means it’s time for the morning song, when the whole colony comes together to celebrate their nakedness. But today something’s amiss: Wilbur is missing. His friends—Grande, Venti and Tall—are sure that he’s happily naked (and moisturized) somewhere. But still, it’s not like Wilbur to miss the morning song.

In fact, Wilbur isn’t particularly happy. He’s grown tired of the monotony in the tunnel, from the never-changing weather to the always being naked. And then suddenly—as if in answer to his daydreams—a hat falls from the sky. And then a shirt. And then a pair of pants, a blazer, a tie! With a full outfit at his feet, Wilbur decides to do something no naked mole-rat has ever done before: Wilbur gets dressed.

When Wilbur shows off his new outfit to Grande, Venti and Tall, they are shocked, disgusted and, frankly, offended. Naked mole-rats don’t wear clothes! But, Wilbur likes the way he looks, and sees nothing wrong with his tasteful ensemble. And so, against the advice of his friends, Wilbur decides to share his passion for fashion with everyone and open his very own clothing store.

The grand opening of Wilbur’s store, Hats and More, causes quite a scandal. It even makes the naked mole-rat news on CNN, the Constantly Naked Network. Then, when more clothes mysteriously begin to rain down from the sky, the colony erupts into a panic. Grande, Venti and Tall are fed up and decide that there’s only one way to deal with Wilbur’s strange behavior. It’s time to visit Grand-Pah, the oldest, greatest and most naked mole-rat ever. Perhaps he can set Wilbur straight.

Wilbur’s clothes shock even Grand-Pah and he orders that the colony assemble for a proclamation. (A proclamation from Grand-Pah is serious business.) Meanwhile, clothes are still raining from the sky... Amidst all this chaos, Wilbur realizes that his simple decision to get dressed has had serious repercussions. And yet, he isn’t sure what to do next. Will the colony ever accept a not-so-naked mole-rat? Should he just give in and go nude? Or is it, perhaps, best that Wilbur leave the colony altogether?

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