Theatre Conservatory Students Present "Harriet the Spy"

Tania Thompson
 | Mar 18, 2019

SCR's Junior Players

Performances of the modern, popular classic Harriet the Spy are just around the corner—March 23-31 in the Nicholas Studio​—directed by Theatre Conservatory faculty member Mercy Vasquez.

The Junior Players* are in rehearsal to bring to life the ​story of sixth-grader Harriet—an aspiring writer and a spy—who constantly records observations about everyone (and everything). When her classmates discover her secret spy journal full of unflattering notes about them, they all turn against her. This funny, heartfelt story is about growing up, compassion and the importance of looking beyond the surface.

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*The Junior Players are carefully chosen through auditions from students in the kids and teen acting classes at SCR’s Theatre Conservatory who have a minimum of two years’ experience.

The cast pictured above (front row) Natalie Dien, Katie Lee, Maxfield Ney, Maggie Moland, Timory Taber, Natalie Bright and Maya Ferchaw; (back row) Piper Huntley, Julia Meads, Remington Walker, Philip Giglia, Grady Farman, Calvin Morgenstern and Kemper Rodi.

A Refresher on Harriet the Spy

More Than a Half-Century of Harriet the Spy

Louise Fitzhugh’s enormously popular book is now 55 years old—and it is still a childhood favorite. Read this Washington Post article that looks back at the book and its place in children’s literature.

When I Grow Up…
For Harriet M. Welsch, her life goal was to be a spy: “…the best spy there ever was and I will know everything. Everything.” That’s how author Louise Fitzhugh wrote about Harriet’s sixth-grader goals and caught the world’s attention in Harriet the Spy.

Harriet Author Inspires a Generation of Young Audiences Writers
When Louise Fitzhugh wrote Harriet the Spy, she probably never imagined how groundbreaking it would be—from becoming a beloved classic to paving the way for a next generation of kid spy stories. Check out these titles and their connections to Harriet in this blog from Airship Daily.

How ‘Toon Lisa Simpson Looked at Harriet
More than 20 years ago, an episode of The Simpsons made a connection between Lisa and Harriet the Spy. Read about it in this article from The New Yorker.

16 Things Harriet the Spy Taught Us About Life
Harriet is all about exploring options. Find out about this and other lessons in this BuzzFeed article.

Another Thing Harriet Loves
Did you know that she found something she really liked? Tomato sandwiches! Check out this recipe for Harriet’s favorite tomato and mayonnaise sandwich.

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Enroll your child in one of two Summer Acting Workshops in July or August 2019. Our summer theatre camps offer up a sampler of the classes we hold year-round. Members of Junior Players ensemble are students from our Theatre Conservatory. Let your child get inspired by watching Harriet the Spy and then get in on the act in classes this summer!

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