Five, Six, Seven, Eight—"Snow White" Choreography

Tania Thompson
 | Feb 11, 2020
The Cast of Snow White
The cast of Snow White: front row (left to right): Maya Ferchaw, Maggie Moland and Sara Hardyman; second row: Maxfield Ney, Taren Azizi, Timory Taber and Katie Lee; third row: Nicholas Brown, India Howerton, Julia Meads and Remington Walker; and back row: Piper Huntley, Phoebe Morris and PJ Giglia. Not pictured: Quinn Garcia and Kelly Li.

On a recent Saturday morning, the Junior Players—more than a dozen acting students in Grades 5-8—worked on choreography for their upcoming production of Snow White (March 21-29, Nicholas Studio). That show will be the first of three full productions ​presented by students in SCR’s Theatre Conservatory will present during the year.

“One, two, three and four…” As the steps are counted off, the ensemble members learn to step, kick, slide and move in unison.

Watching from the back of the studio, Mercy Vasquez, the show’s director, encourages them, “You’re doing great work!”

And repeat—"One two three and four, five six seven and eight,” the choreographer count​s. “Keep your body low now—okay, we’re running it!”

The students are spread out across the floor of the Nicholas Studio—some are on risers toward the back, two are on blocks on either side of the space—and they listen to the instructions that go with the “Charleston” dance music. They run it again and again to perfect each movement and know that repetition is key​, just like rehearsing dialogue for the play.

Among the notes they receive is a caution not to get lost in the black curtains that drape the sides of studio’s performance space.

“It’s coming along nicely—that’s by far the best I’ve seen,” Vasquez says. “I like the energy and, remember that you’re having FUN!”

Rehearsals for Snow White happen during the week and on ​Saturday mornings, but there’s a commitment beyond that Vasquez reminds the cast: “Your responsibility is to practice this at home so that we get more fluid with the movements next time.”

As time draws to a close for this rehearsal, Vasquez thanks everyone—“I know this is a lot, but whoever said acting was easy?!” she says, smiling. “You’re all called for rehearsal on Tuesday—see you then!”

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