Ireland By Way of The Bronx: John Patrick Shanley's Journey "Home"

SCR Staff
 | Feb 28, 2020
John Patrick Shanley
​Playwright John Patrick Shanley.

Plays by John Patrick Shanley

Welcome to the Moon (1982) • Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (1983) • Savage in Limbo (1984) • The Dreamer Examines His Pillow (1985) • Italian American Reconciliation (1986) • Women of Manhattan (1986) • All for Charity (1987) ​• The Big Funk (1990) • Beggars in the House of Plenty (1991) • The Wild Goose (1992) • Four Dogs and a Bone (1993) • Missing Marisa/Kissing Christine (1996) • Psychopathia Sexualis (1998) • Where's My Money? (2001) • Cellini (2001) • Dirty Story (2003) • Doubt: A Parable (2004) • Sailor's Song (2004) • Defiance (2005) • Romantic Poetry (w/ Henry Kreiger, 2007) • Pirate (2010) • Storefront Church (2012) • Outside Mullingar (2014) • Prodigal Son (2016) • The Portuguese Kid (2017)

Films by John Patrick Shanley

Moonstruck (1987) • Five Corners (1987) • The January Man (1989) • Joe Versus the Volcano (1990) • Alive (1993) • We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (1993) • Congo (1995) • Live from Baghdad (2002) • The Waltz of the Tulips (2006) • Doubt (2008) • Wild Mountain Thyme (forthcoming)

Playwright John Patrick Shanley grew up tough, in The Bronx. He self-admits to being a challenge in kindergarten, elementary and high school—to the extent that he got kicked out of each. And New York University asked him to leave, as well. Then he joined the Marines and, after some kicking around post-military service, he became a writer. When he hit it big with an Academy Award for the Moonstruck screenplay, he became a full-time writer and never looked back.

And now we come to Outside Mullingar (March 8-29, Julianne Argyros Stage), an Irish romantic comedy that is deeply personal to Shanley.

“I didn’t want to be another Irish-American guy from the Bronx. I didn’t want any of it; and then bit by bit, I started to reclaim what I had been given in the first place,” he tells writer Marilyn Cole Lownes in an interview for

Shanley first visited Ireland and the family farm in 1993, accompanying his father who couldn’t make the trip alone.

“When I went to the farm, hearing the way those people talked, I thought, ‘Hey, I feel very much at home,’ ” he recalls.

And the seed for Outside Mullingar was planted. Read the full article here.

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