The Story Behind the Photo: SCR Company on the Beach

Tania Thompson
 | Oct 02, 2020
SCR on the Beach
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SCR Beach IDs
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Fifty-two years ago, half way through South Coast Repertory's third season, in December 1968, this band of theatre adventurers gathered on the beach in Newport for a company photo. South Coast Repertory, halfway through its third season.

This group did most everything to bring productions to life, says Founding Artistic Director David Emmes—acting, making costumes, building sets and more.

This photo was taken for a mid-season subscription brochure sent out in January 1969; the large piece of plywood in the photo had “69” printed on it when it appeared in that mailing. “At the time,” Emmes says, “it was just a photo for a brochure. Now, of course, it is of immense value as it brings individual life and creative texture to our history.”

Emmes, actor Hal Landon Jr., playwright and dramaturg Jerry Patch and Founding Artistic Director Martin Benson are all in the photo. Can you find them? Whom else do you recognize?