​You're in the right place if you're interested in just one or two tickets to an upcoming show.

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Single Ticket Prices:
Segerstrom Stage​: $2​​6 - $​​9​​​8*
Argyros Stage​: $2​​6 - $​​9​​8*
Theatre for Young Audiences​: $2​​​​​​6 - $​​4​​​4
A Christmas Carol: $​3​​4 - $​​8​9

*THE FINE PRINT: Prices are subject to change based on availability; ​in general, you’ll receive the best price for preview dates and weeknights when you buy ​in advance.

For the best seats and best prices, consider purchasing a season ticket, with as few as three plays.

Photo: ​SCR's 2016 production of ​Amadeus. Photo by Debora Robinson.