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NewSCRipts History

*denotes play went on to production at SCR or elsewhere.

2022-23 Season
There Once was a House by Charly Evon Simpson
Joan by Daniel Goldsten
Fantasma by Benjamin Benne

2021-22 Season
Louder by Caroline V. McGraw
The Hombres by Tony Meneses*
Funnie by Jessica Moss

2020-21 Season
(No NewSCRipts readings this season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

2019-20 Season
John Proctor Is the Villain by Kimberly Belflower*
The Ancient Order of Real Bearded Santas by Bekah Brunstetter
(The 2019-20 NewSCRipts season was cut short in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

2018-19 Season
Eureka Day by Jonathan Spector*
The Canadians by Adam Bock*
Love by Kate Cortesi*

2017-18 Season
Welcome to the Murder House by Justin Lewis & Jacob Rajan*
Continuity by Bess Wohl*
Origin Story by Nathan Alan Davis*

2016-17 Season
A Patron of the Arts by Kate Cortesi*
SHREW! by Amy Freed*
Sheltered by Alix Sobler*

2015-16 Season
Nomad Motel by Carla Ching*
The Siegel by Michael Mitnick*
A Doll's House, Part 2 by Lucas Hnath*

2014-15 Season
Opium Den by Julie Marie Myatt
Going to a Place where you Already Are by Bekah Brunstetter*
Office Hour by Julia Cho*

2013-14 Season
Mr. Wolf by Rajiv Joseph*
The Purple Lights of Joppa Illinois by Adam Rapp*
Liquidation Play by Sarah Burgess (title changed toDry Powder)*

2012-13 Season
Hope and Gravity by Michael Hollinger*
Death of the Author by Steven Drukman*
And Right Now by A. Rey Pamatmat (title changed to after all
the terrible things I do

2011-12 Season
Warrior Class by Kenneth Lin*
Point Last Seen by Scott Organ
The Groundling by Marc Palmieri*

2010-11 Season
Pookie Goes Grenading by JC Lee*
The Prince of Atlantis by Steven Drukman*
Tales from Red Vienna
by David Grimm*

2009-10 Season
Bob by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb*
Spirit Control by Beau Willimon*
How to Write a New Book for the Bible: A Play for an Older Actress by Bill Cain*

2008-09 Season
Thomas Repair by Mat Smart
Extraordinary Chambers by David Wiener*
The Happy Ones by Julie Marie Myatt*

2007-08 Season
Goldfish by John Kolvenbach*
Surf Report by Annie Weisman*
Reborning by Zayd Dohrn*
futura by Jordan Harrison*

2006-07 Season
The 13th of Paris
by Mat Smart*
The St. James Infirmary by Brian Tucker*
Incendiary by Adam Szymkowicz*
King of Shadows by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa*

2005-06 Season
Blue Door
by Tanya Barfield*
Pig Farm by Greg Kotis*
Colorado by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb*
New York is Bleeding by Said Sayrafiezadeh

2004-05 Season
Princess Marjorie
by Noah Haidle*
Unrequited by Robert William Sherwood
House to Half by Tom Donaghy*
Restoration Comedy by Amy Freed*

2003-04 Season
Lincolnesque by John Strand*
Happy Valley by Aurorae Khoo*
Anon by Kate Robin*
Twenty Shadows by Cusi Cram*

2002-03 Season
The Hiding Place
by Jeff Whitty*
Montezuma by Davey Holmes
Egg by Risa Mickenberg*
People be Heard by Quincy Long*

2001-02 Season
Going Gone
by Karen Hartman*
Our Boy (title changed to Boy) by Julia Jordan*
Manna by Cheri Magid*
Daedalus by David Davalos*

2000-01 Season
Skitaletz (The Wanderer)
by Dmitry Lipkin*
Bullet Round by Steven Drukman*
Family Practice by Eric Bagan
Ctrl Alt Del by Anthony Clarvoe*

1999-00 Season
In the Western Garden by Stuart Spencer*
Fighting Wordsby Sunil Kuruvilla*
Isaac by David Schulner*
Ever Ever by Katherine Burger*

1998-99 Season
Adam Baum and the Jew Movie by Daniel Goldfarb*
The Hollow Lands by Howard Korder*
The Lobby (title changed toLobby Hero) by Kenneth Lonergan*
Drink Me by Mary Fengar Gail*

1997-98 Season
On the Jump
by John Glore*
Stout Fellow by Mark Van Wye*
Two Sisters and a Piano by Nilo Cruz*
Uncle Sam's Fandango by Rick Foster*
Lunatic by KC Davis*

1996-97 Season
I Clap My Hands (title changed toThe Summer Moon) by John Olive*
King of Clocks by Keith Bunin*
Wishbones by Lucinda Coxon*
Sidney Bechet Killed a Man by Stuart Flack*
Freedomland by Amy Freed*

1995-96 Season
Three Days of Rain
by Richard Greenberg*
Collected Stories by Donald Margulies*
Crumbs from the Table of Joy by Lynn Nottage*
Eden by Jennifer Maisel*
Big Hunk O' Burnin' Love
by Prince Gomolvilas*

1994-95 Season
Where the Truth Lies
by Catherine Butterfield*
Greater Love by Roger Rueff
The Things You Don't Know by David Hollander*
Denial by Peter Sagal*
The Interrogation of Nathan Hale by David S. Ford*

1993-94 Season
Unmerciful Good Fortune by Edwin Sanchez*
Wit by Margaret Edson*
The Red Room by Robert Daseler
Too Good to be True by David Ford
Green Icebergs by Cecilia Fannon*

1992-93 Season
So Many Words
by Roger Rueff*
The Lights by Howard Korder *
Jackson Blume by Norman Plotkin
Mrs. Zelinski Comes to Call by Nancy Crawford
To Distraction by Cecilia Fannon

1991-92 Season
Robbers by Lyle Kessler*
Great Day in the Morning by Thomas Babe*
Gray's Anatomy by Jim Leonard Jr.*
Let's Play Two by Anthony Clarvoe*
Capoeira by Tania Myren-Zobel*

1990-91 Season
Things Being What They Are by Wendy Macleod*
El Dorado by Milcha Sanchez-Scott*
Boundary Waters by Barbara Field*
The Extra Man by Richard Greenberg*
Custer's Last Band by Abe Polsky*

1989-90 Season
Pick Up Ax
by Anthony Clarvoe*
Sight Unseen by Donald Margulies*
The Russian Teacher by Alexander Buravsky (adapted by Keith Reddin)*
The Habit of Living by Allan Havis*
Pirates by Mark W. Lee*

1988-89 Season
Lost Electra by Bruce Rodgers*
About to Begin by Jerome Kilty*
Search and Destroy by Howard Korder*
Romantics by Jeremy Lawrence
Once in Arden by Richard Hellesen*

1987-88 Season
Dalton's Back by Keith Curran*
At Long Last Leo by Mark Stein*
Ragged Dick by Neal Bell*
Peacekeeper (title changed to Nebraska) by Keith Reddin*
Down in the Dumps by Thomas Babe

1986-87 Season
Play Yourself
by Harry Kondoleon*
Haut Gout by Allan Havis*
The Virgin Molly by Quincy Long*
Big Time by Keith Reddin*
Sweet Powder (title changed to Burning Beach) by Eduardo Machado*

1985-86 Season
Boys' Life by Howard Korder*
Elaine's Daughter by Mayo Simon*
Killers by John Olive*
Cold Sweat by Neal Bell*
Highest Standard of Living by Keith Reddin*

Photo: The cast in rehearsal for the 2018 NewSCRipts reading of Love by Kate Cortesi.

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