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You’re ​Young, ​So ​Have ​Fun! Enjoy a ​Night at the ​Theatre within YOUR Budget!

The MyStage program is specially designed for 15-to-25-year-olds. Members receive a special discount: $10 tickets ​to see shows at South Coast Repertory. It’s like student rush, but you can get great seats by purchasing tickets up to a month in advance! Members also ​have access to exclusive social events and behind-the-scenes updates.

Ready to join? It’s free and easy! Sign up here.

Curious, but still not sure? Read the MyStage Frequently Asked Questions.

Want to know what’s playing? Check out the season.

Some Notes for Teachers and Parents:

Are the shows at South Coast Repertory appropriate for my kids?
​We understand that some audience members may be sensitive to certain content. The 2023-24 Season guide has recommendations for each show. It lets MyStage members know in advance if there will be adult content or nudity in any of the shows.

Can you sign up my kid for MyStage through my SCR account?
Unfortunately, we can't do that. The MyStage program is an age-restricted program; young patrons must have their own account that associates their birth date with them. ​We created the MyStage program to encourage young patrons to develop an individual appreciation for the arts. This includes empowering them to make their own choice about shows at the theatre based upon the information they receive about the productions.

​May I sign up my kid/students for MyStage?
Yes, you ​may create a MyStage account for them, ​however, it ​will be separate from your own account. ​We strongly encourage young patrons to sign up for themselves. If you do sign someone else up for MyStage, they must give their consent. Parents and teacher please share this QR code with your kids/students or email [email protected] for additional questions.

​May I attend the shows for the $10 discounted price, too?
Each MyStage member ​may purchase up to two (2) tickets per performances. It's up to the MyStage member to decide whom they would like to bring, but they ​may bring a parent.

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