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SCR Staff

If you'd like to contact one of our staff members, please use the form here.

David Ivers, Artistic Director
Paula Tomei, Managing Director
David Emmes & Martin Benson, Founding Artistic Directors

Kim Martin-Cotten, Associate Artistic Director
Clare Kiklowicz, Director of Development
Lori Monnier, General Manager
Bil Schroeder, Director of Marketing and Communications
Hisa Takakuwa, Conservatory and Educational Programs Director

Joanne DeNaut, Casting Director and Artistic Associate
Andy Knight, Director of The [email protected]
H. Adam Harris, Artistic/Audience Engagement Associate
Rob Salas, Artistic Coordinator
Nancy Levy, Artistic Assistant/Company Manager
Jerry Patch, Resident Dramaturg

Terry Schomburg, The Controller
Dean Lissner, Information Technology Manager
Jyll Christolini, Associate General Manager/Human Resources Coordinator
Kim Fleming, Assistant to the Managing Director
Cathi Moore, Lead Accountant
Martha Ruiz, Payables Accountant
Kathie Kuehn, Sheila Lane, Jack Millis, Front Office Assistants

Matthew Arkin, Director, Acting Intensive Program
Holly Van Holt, Conservatory Manager
Nick Slimmer, Conservatory and Educational Programs Associate
Joe Alanes, Donald Amerson, Greg Atkins, Diana Burbano, Jan Cole, Genevieve Flati, Julieta Garza, Kristina Leach, Jay Scully, Tom Shelton, Richard Soto, Christopher Sullivan, Erin McNally, Mercy Vasquez, Conservatory Teachers
Rachel Bailey, Kelsey Bray, Kelsey Kato, Halia Lindauer, Education Assistants

Amy L. Hutto, Costume Shop Manager
Laurie Donati, Full Charge Costumer
Isabella Weiand, Cutter/Draper
Corbyjane Troya, Wardrobe Supervisor

Katherine Miranda, Associate Director of Development
Shianne Gray, Assistant Director of Development, Events
Domenick Ietto, Grants Manager
Emily Gutowsky, Development Operations & Research Associate
Steven Garry, Development Coordinator

Kara Ramlow, Lighting Supervisor
Hannah Ferla, Electrician/Light Board Operator

Issac Carrillo, Facilities/Operations Manager
Javier Estrada, Assistant Facilities/Operations Manager
Brittni Finley, Facilities/Operations Associate
Kevin Montes, Facilities/Operations Assistant
Jerome Anello, Duane Boyle, Dara Okamura, Facilities/Operations Assistants

Betsy Ruck, Front of House Manager
Ana Flück, Marita Navarro, Scott Smith, Angie Watson, House Managers
Denise Hughes, Troy Huyen, Katrina King, Eric Rodriguez, David Rusiecki, Bartenders

Brian Robin, Media & Public Relations Director
Kat Alvarez, Marketing Manager
Heather Van Holt, Digital Media & Publications Manager
Nicholas Pilapil, Social Media & Video Associate
Ron Miranda, Graphic Designer
Margaret Jordan, Marketing Coordinator

Saskia Martinez, Interim Scenic Charge Artist

Maisie Chan, Interim Production Manager
Ramzi Jneid, Production Office Manager

Rubén Bolívar, Maisie Crimmins, Jennifer Ludwig, Emperatriz Mejia, Kaylee Mesa, Gloria Perez 

Jenna Scordino, Interim Props Supervisor
Byron Bacon, Props Buyer
Madi Joseph, Props Assistant

Jon Lagerquist, Technical Director
John Gaddis IV, Assistant Technical Director
Ben Morrow, Automation Carpenter

Lauren Buangan, Kathryn Davies, Natalie Figaredo, Sarah Goshman, Talia Krispel, Randall Lum, Gloria Perez

John Favreau, Sound & Video Supervisor

Marcus Beebe, Ticket Services Director
Michael Canas, Associate Ticket Services Director
Steven Shields, Associate Ticket Services Director
Elise Lindenau, Montse Romero, Ticket Services Supervisors
McKenna Colby, Angel Dumapias, Matt Jennings, Cristina Matadama-Soto, Kaylee Mesa,  Lia Vargas, Ticket Services Representatives

Allison Lowery, Hair & Makeup Supervisor
Kate Galleran, Hair & Makeup Assistant

Haskell & White LLP, Auditors
Jones Day, Legal Services

Photo: Rosney Mauger, Jordan Bellow, Christian Henley, Tracey A. Leigh and Gregg Daniel in SCR's 2016 production of All the Way by Robert Schenkkan. Photo by Debora Robinson.

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