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Vision, Mission and Values

Vision:  Creating the finest theatre in America

  • Produce works of extraordinary caliber by collaborating with the finest playwrights and artists.
  • Engage and enrich our community with outstanding programs.
  • Possess theatre facilities capable of meeting any artistic challenge.
  • Engage exemplary community leaders and staff members.
  • Provide the financial resources to realize all our goals.

Mission Statement

South Coast Repertory was founded in the belief that theatre is an art form with a unique power to illuminate the human experience.  We commit ourselves to exploring urgent human and social issues of our time, and to merging literature, design, and performance in ways that test the bounds of theatre's artistic possibilities.  We undertake to advance the art of theatre in the service of our community, and aim to extend that service through educational, intercultural, and community engagement programs that harmonize with our artistic mission.

Our Values

We value dramatic writing of the highest literary distinction, whether new or classic, and center our collaboration on the playwright’s vision and its nexus with direction, design and performance.

We hold SCR in the public trust, maintaining the highest standards of integrity in artistry, service, governance and fiscal management. 

We value theatre’s unique capacity as a forum for civic interaction, where artists and community members engage in an ongoing consideration of shared values and diverse perspectives.

We value artistic goals over personal ambition, sustaining a collaborative and creative work environment that honors the efforts of those who have contributed to our past and supports the development of those who will ensure our future.

We believe that the inclusion of a variety of voices, perspectives and backgrounds enhances our work, broadens our impact and strengthens our understanding.

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