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Neighborhood Acting Classes

South Coast Repertory's free afterschool classes make the magic of theatre accessible to underserved children. These weekly classes are dedicated to promoting self-confidence, self-expression and creativity while developing basic theatre skills. Professional teachers from SCR's Theatre Conservatory travel to locations across Orange County, Calif., where a need has been identified and conduct classes at no cost to the students, host facility or program.

By the end of the 7-to-10 week session, Neighborhood Conservatory students will be able to:

  • Move freely in front of other students
  • Speak with poise in front of peers
  • Work more effectively, confidently, and creatively with others
  • Develop a character through exploration of voice and body
  • Begin to share stories in a dramatized form

If your school is interested in hosting a Neighborhood Conservatory class or would like more information, contact Conservatory and Educational Programs Director Hisa Takakuwa at (714) 708-5509 or [email protected].

Supported by Barbara Roberts and Brooke Roberts-Webb, the Doreen Marshall Fund, the Birches Foundation and an anonymous donor.

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