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Linda Gehringer
Throwback Thursday: Linda Gehringer

These days, actor Linda Gehringer says she gets this question most often: “What is your favorite role?” Learn which SCR roles and her favorites and why.

Four Words
Four Words

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60s Hair
A Moment of Stagecraft: 60s Hairdo

What does it take to recreate the hair styles of the ​1960s? Laura Caponera, SCR’s former wig master, demonstrated how to create the perfect 1960s ​look.


For Saturday story time we read an excerpt for Ella Enchanted.

Naked Mole Rat
Theatre Game: Spot the Difference

Can you spot the six differences in this photo from Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed?

Theatre Fashion
Theatre Fashion: 1800s Eleganza

19th Century Elegance!

Throwback Thursday
Throwback Thursday: Tom Buderwitz

A look back at the scenic designs Tom Buderwitz created for SCR.

Sweeney Todd Stage
A Moment of Stagecraft: Backdrop

A backdrop is a large curtain, usually painted to represent the sky, a landscape, or some other background, dropped upstage to form the back of a set and to mask the backstage space. Learn one way SCR used backdrops in the 2019 production of Sweeney Todd.

Recommended Reading
Recommended Shakepseare Reading

Find out what Shakespeare plays Associate Artistic Director John Glore recommends reading at home while we're socially distancing.

Fact or Fiction Logo
Fact or Fiction: SCR's Acting Conservatory

Do you know SCR well enough to tell fact from fiction?  Take the quiz and find out!

Culture Clash
A Moment of Stagecraft: Julianne Argyros Stage

The Julianne Argyros Stage is 336-seat space with an intimate feel and a framed stage opening called a Proscenium Arch.