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Adult Acting & Playwriting Classes

In-Person and Online

Acting, Musical Theatre, Improvisation and Playwriting Classes

The Adult Conservatory was founded almost fifty years ago with the mission to create classes that would be fun and informative—for people of every age and ability. Today, in addition to the large variety of acting classes, the program includes courses in playwriting, improvisation and musical theatre, enabling students to arrange their own curriculum based on interests and skills.


Spring: April 10 - May 31, 2023
Summer: June 20 - Aug. 15, 2023

At this time, we do not require proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test, nor do we require masks for in-person classes. If you prefer to mask for classes, your choice will be respected. All our faculty and staff are vaccinated.

Most classes are offered every session, but can not be guaranteed. See the cancellation and refund policies.

Taught by a faculty of theatre professionals.

Spring Session: April 10 - May31, 2023

Class Options


TUESDAYS, 7 - 10 p.m., April 11 - May 30, 2023  CLASS FULL
WEDNESDAYS,  7 - 10 p.m., April 12 - May 31, 2023

Instructor: Richard Soto

Learn the fundamentals of acting through exercises in basic improvisation skills, scene study and monologues. Explore and develop all the actor's artistic tools: body, voice and imagination. Students will learn to be both quicker on their feet and freer with their minds. Character monologues will be chosen and analyzed to stretch and develop the student's natural gifts of expression. Students will learn techniques that professionals re-visit and refresh throughout their careers. Students also will explore monologues with an eye toward using them as audition pieces. This class is an excellent place to honor and examine the acting “bug.” This class is designed for full group participation as well as carefully tailored one-on-one work. The atmosphere is friendly, highly supportive, stimulating and fun.

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WEDNESDAYS 6:30-9:30 p.m., April 19 - June 7, 2023
Instructor: Tom Shelton

Musical Theatre offers an approach to the repertoire of Broadway song from the standpoint of the actor—how to ACT a song, not just sing it. It starts with the idea that if you can SPEAK you can SING, and approaches songs as musical monologues, seeking new techniques of expression, relaxation and freedom. Students from all levels of musical experience are welcome.

For the Online Class: Teaching Artist Tom Shelton will be playing piano, and students will be singing their pieces (primarily solos) via Zoom in this online class. Recommendations include a computer with a built in camera, or an iPhone that can be put on a tripod, and fairly good internet connection. Students must have access to PDF of their sheet music. Not required but recommended are an external mic and headphones for better sound quality. (Fairly essential for a singing class!) Again, as in the regular, in-person classes, students will be encouraged to stick around for the full 3-hour session. Full class feedback is encouraged at all times!



TUESDAYS 6:30-9:30 p.m., April 11 - May 30, 2023
Instructor: Greg Atkins

If the mere thought of having to "make it up on the spot" chills your blood, makes your palms go sweaty and raises your voice an octave, this is the class for you. This fast-paced, fun workshop focuses on acting, characterization, creativity and spontaneity through improvised scenes and theatre games. The emphasis is on thinking faster, making stronger choices and increasing confidence.



TUESDAYS 6:30-9:30 p.m.,April 11 - May 30, 2023
Prerequisite: at least one semester of actor training.
Instructor: Martin Noyes

Take the next step in the study and performance of scenes and monologues, with tools for creating precise, focused, relaxed and playful relationships on stage. First, students revisit key basics: objectives, text analysis, listening, relaxed awareness and focus. Next, through monologue and scene work with partners, they apply these tools, with the primary focus on cultivating the ability to openly and honestly listen and respond. Students will present one monologue and at least one scene. Using in-class exercises, they will also hone such skills as concentration, body awareness, emotional freedom and specificity, actions, play, heightening emotional connection, self-awareness, self-confidence, commitment, comfort, confusion, fear, character physicalization, memorization and storytelling. If this sounds like a lot, it is! In this class, we work, we laugh and we learn a great deal. Prerequisite: at least one semester of actor training.



THURSDAYS 6:30-9:30 p.m., April 13 - June 1, 2023
Prerequisite: completion of two semesters of actor training.
Instructor: Mercy Vasquez

In this class, we dig deeper into texts, creating more truthful and vibrant characters with powerful onstage relationships. Scene work may involve modern as well as classical plays, according to a student's preference and experience. At this class level, a student feels comfortable with the language of basic acting techniques. Some of the techniques we will practice are: relaxation, commitment, listening, authentic response, characterization, script analysis, and playing strong objectives.



WEDNESDAYS 6:30-9:30 p.m., April 12 - May 31, 2023
Prerequisite: Advanced Improv and/or permission from the instructor.
Instructor: Greg Atkins

This is a class for students who have moved beyond the basics of improvisation and want a more intense experience. Instructor Greg Atkins' no-nonsense, high-energy approach to improvisation will help students break through fear of the unknown and prepare for any acting (or life) challenge, whether on stage or off. Using the beginning improv class as a springboard, this class will show students how to:

  • liberate spontaneity
  • think quickly on their feet
  • enhance creativity
  • make exciting dramatic choices

As Atkins says in his best-selling book IMPROV!, "There are only four areas in which improvisation will help you: auditions, performances, business and life."



MONDAYS 6-9 p.m., April 17 - June 5, 2023
Instructor: Diana Burbano

Students will start the class with short writing exercises and a check-in with the instructor, while the second half of the class will consist of reading from student work generated either in class or outside of class. Reading of work is highly encouraged. PDFs are the easiest way to share. Beginning to experienced writers are welcome.

Online Recommendation: include a computer with a built-in camera, or an iPhone that can be put on a tripod, and a good internet connection. Not required but recommended are an external mic and headphones for better sound quality.


The Theatre Conservatory has been a part of Tony Award-winning South Coast Repertory for more than five decades. The Theatre Conservatory and its staff of professional working artists have been an integral part of SCR from the theatre's start, with the goals of laying a strong training foundation and enriching the lives of all its students.

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