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John Patrick Shanley
Ireland By Way of The Bronx: John Patrick Shanley's Journey "Home"

Outside Mullingar, by John Patrick Shanley, is an Irish romantic comedy that is deeply personal. Find out more about Shanley and what drove him to pen this play.

Richard Doyle
The Cast Talk About Outside Mullingar

F​our cast members bring to life ​John Patrick Shanley’s ​Outside Mullingar. The actors talk about the play's themes of family and love.

The Cast of Outside Mullingar
Meet the Cast: Outside Mullingar

Outside Mullingar​'s stellar cast includes longtime SCR favorites, a newer SCR alumna and one making his SCR debut. Read more about them.

Snow White Cast
Five, Six, Seven, Eight—Snow White Choreography

The Junior Players—more than a dozen acting students in Grades 5-8—worked on choreography for their upcoming production of Snow White. Learn more about their experience.