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adapted by Greg Banks
directed by H. Adam Harris
Theatre for Young Audiences & Families
Julianne Argyros Stage

NOV. 4-20, 2022

Leona Aronoff-Sadacca

Laurie & Steve Duncan

KJLH Radio 102.3 FM

PBS Kids

Snow White

Forget everything you thought you knew about this classic! Snow White is reclaiming her story and acting out what really happened after her new mother took over as queen. And, with six of the Seven Dwarves missing, she and Dwarf Four (his real name, by the way) play all the characters themselves. Two incredibly talented actors take on all 14 roles in a super-fast, whip-smart, hilarious game of switcheroo that tickles your imagination and delights at each twist and turn.

Previews: Nov. 4-10, 2022
Regular Performances: Nov. 11 - 20, 2022
American Sign Language Performance: Saturday, Nov. 12, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.,

Running Time: Theatre for Young Audiences performances are never more than 90 minutes.

Recommendation: Ages 4+

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  • This production has ended.

About the Creative Team

Greg Banks (Adaptor) has established an international reputation in his work for young audiences of all ages. There is, throughout his work in both scripts and direction, a desire to speak honestly about the world. His scripts have a fluid muscularity, a rhythm that is echoed in the strongly physical nature of his direction. Music is an essential component. A close collaboration with composers and on stage musicians to create a live and original score, ensures that the music is fully integrated into the work, driving the story forwards, evoking place and emotion in a very specific way. It is important  that the audience is not just a passive observer, that they are acknowledged by the actors and that the story being told is shared by everyone in the room. Banks is currently a Guest  Director at The Minneapolis Children's Theatre where he has been commissioned to write and direct many adaptations of well know classics including Huck Finn, Antigone, The Hobbit, Snow White, Pinocchio, The Jungle Book and Robin Hood. He has also directed Romeo and Juliet, A Wrinkle In Time, Charlotte's Web and Sleeping Beauty for the Children's Theatre. Other productions he has written and directed include Tir Na N'og  for Travelling Light Theatre (Guardian), Nominated TMA Award. Why The Whales Came an adaptation of a Jim Sheridans film Into the West for The Plymouth Theatre Royal and Theatre Alibi (Guardian) Nominated TMA Award. He has written over thirty original scripts many of which are currently being produced at theatres and other venues  throughout the States and Canada. Some are also available through Plays For Young Audiences.

Derek Manson

Derek Manson* (Dwarf Four) I am so happy that you are here at the theatre, live and in person, to see Snow White! You might have seen me as Snoopy in SCR’s production of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. In addition to chasing Red Barons and singing for suppers, I’ve also played a peach-riding centipede, a wicked aunt, and a skateboarding tiger boy, among others. I love doing theatre because it allows me to imagine how others may think and feel, and to discover their stories. In my opinion, that’s what makes theatre not only fun and exciting (which it is); it's also what makes theatre important. And one of the most important parts of the theatre is You, there, in the audience, watching and sharing the story we’re telling. Thanks for being part of the show!

Candace Nicholas-Lippman

Candace Nicholas-Lippman* (Snow White) Now my story is a long one and you have a show to watch, so let's just skip to the good stuff, shall we? My journey really began after receiving my degree from college and taking the big leap, moving to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams of being a full-time artist! Sounds easy, but oh boy, it wasn’t! I’ve encountered a lot of hardships; but through faith and hard work, I was determined to never give up on my dreams! And I’m so happy I didn’t, cause guess what, little ones? I am doing it. I am living my dream! I get to act on TV, write and perform poetry, coach and teach young ones like yourselves; but most importantly, today, I get to bring the wonderful story of Snow White to life for you! So enough about me. Tonight is about YOU! I am performing for you. I hope you smile ‘til your cheeks hurt, laugh ‘til your belly aches and feel inspired to go after your dreams, too! Because no matter how young you are or where you come from, your dreams matter! ENJOY THE SHOW!

Phillip Matsuura (Keyboard Player) I am an Orange County-based pianist nearing the completion of a Doctor of Musical Arts at the University of Southern California. Having graduated from Northwestern University in Illinois with a Master of Music and Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio with a Bachelor of Music, I can say with confidence that cold weather is not my speed, so I decided to seek further education in a warm climate. I ended up back in my home state of California. My favorite way to make music is to do so while collaborating with others, and while my career thus far has involved considerable experience working with opera singers, instrumentalists and ballet dancers, this production is my first time collaborating with actors!

Matthew McGraw (Horn Player)I have been a freelance trombonist in the Los Angeles area for over 20 years. I started band in junior high school. It was a class I didn’t even pick as an elective. After I left high school, I went to a local college and met older musicians, who showed me what I could do with music outside of school. Through music, I’ve toured the United States, Southern Europe, Japan and the Caribbean. I never thought I would make a living playing music and entertaining people of all ages, all over the world.

H. Adam Harris (Director) My name is H. Adam Harris, but everyone calls me H! I’m an actor, teacher, and the director of this production of Snow White. This is a special production, adapted by my friend Greg Banks. I’ve acted in two of his plays: a 5-person Jungle Book (I played Baloo) and a 5-person The Hobbit (I played Smaug). I got into theatre because I had an incredible high school theatre teacher (who won a Tony Award for teaching!) who inspired me. When I graduated from college, I acted on stages, narrated family concerts with orchestras, and led story time with local libraries. As a director, I believe in telling heart-first stories that center possibility, tenderness, and grit. All things you’ll see in this tale of Snow White! When I’m not directing, I work here at SCR as the Artistic & Audience Engagement Associate – enjoy the show! 

Fred Kinney (Scenic Design) I build the models and create the drawings that the carpenters and the painters use to build the scenery that you see on stage. This is my 12th production at SCR. For past shows, I designed various locations such as the neighborhood for Last Stop on Market Street, and interiors and exteriors that Nate the Great traveled to in order to unravel the mystery. For A Year with Frog and Toad, a marsh, the scaffold playground that lit up for Pinocchio, the forest for Robin Hood and the Elephant for The Emperor’s New Clothes. When I was a small boy, I thought I might become a painter, sculptor or an architect. But in high school, I started to design the scenery for our school productions and really enjoyed it—and I still do. I’m the proud father of Gigi and Kate, who will be seeing Snow White.

Ramzi Jneid (Costume Design) Hi friends! My name is Ramzi and I designed the costumes for this play! When I was your age, I was enrolled in theatre classes, dance classes, voice lessons, piano lessons, etc. I was often the only boy in the dance classes, so I was always center stage which was nice! As I grew up, I thought I wanted to be a performer and always be on stage. So, I went to UC Berkeley in the Bay Area where I earned my degrees in Dance and Performance Studies (post-modern dance and questioning what is considered a performance) as well as Earth and Planetary Science (rocks, space and planets). But they wanted all their performers to understand how theatre is made, so I had to take a technical theatre class (costumes, sets, lights or sound). That’s when I first fell in love with Costume Designing! Ever since college, I’ve designed costumes for a handful of musicals and plays such as Legally Blonde for the Berkeley Playhouse, Jungle Book and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee for Mill Mountain Theater in Roanoke, Virginia, and most recently Nicholas Nickleby, Electric Darkness, Radio Play Disaster and Snow Angel for the Youth Conservatory at South Coast Repertory. I’m so excited to be sharing my work with you and I hope you enjoy this fun, heart-warming tale!

Andrea Hellman (Lighting Design) (she/they/her/them) was sucked into the world of design when they helped make a tree that spun around, had lots of shelves, and could turn people into bears through the magic of theatre. The discovery of this magic and their ability to be part of the team that is honored with the quest to tell stories has led to traveling the world, eating lots of amazing food, and (best of all) sharing it with an amazing cast of humans. They hope you will find the spark of something that excites you and use that spark to guide you through life’s many twists and turns. You might have seen their work on American Idiot at the Chance Theater over the summer or had them for class at California Lutheran University, where they are the Head of Design. 

Leela Oleszkiewicz (Composer/Arrangements/Musical Direction) I am a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, composer, and sound designer, who was born in Poland, but over the past 18 years, I've lived in New York City, Chicago, and the Bay Area. I studied piano, voice, and music composition at Mills College, where I also learned how to produce unusual sounds by doing things like placing screws on piano strings or standing bamboo chopsticks between them. I spend most of my time in theatre making beats, writing music for different instruments, and coming up with songs that will be performed by actors. My favorite part of the show? Seeing the audience clap, dance, sing along, or hum the songs as they leave the theater!

Natalie Figardeo* (Stage Manager) I started stage managing many years ago in a school called California State University, Long Beach where I worked on musicals, plays, and Shakespeare! Then I went to school in London, England where I learned how to build sets, focus lights and production manage. Plus I got to see cool shows like Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I also used to work at Disneyland with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy! But my favorite thing to do is work on the Theatre for Young Audiences and Families plays here at SCR! l've worked on Amos and Boris, Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing, Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook!, Mr. Poppers Penguins, The Night Fairy and Robin Hood. Also my favorite food is mac and cheese. 

Gloria Perez* (Assistant Stage Manager) As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved the idea of storytelling. So, when I saw my first show Beauty and the Beast, I fell in love with theatre immediately. I went to California State University, Fullerton to get my B.A. so I could continue learning and growing. That’s where I found out that I enjoyed making everything happen behind the scenes. That’s me, making sure everyone is ready to go, seeing that every little prop from a cow on wheels to glittery shoes ended up on stage, or even making giant set pieces fly up and away. I am very grateful to every teacher, mentor and support system person who has helped get me here today to share the story of my favorite princess. “Remember you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.”—Snow White


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