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By Brian Robin

Have Questions About Voices of America?

The unique nature of Voices of America prompted questions about what you can expect from the theatrical event of the season. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q: What is Voices of America?

A: Voices of America is a theatrical event consisting of two plays, set a hundred years apart, that both dynamically explore issues of family, history and legacy. The plays are Lillian Hellman’s The Little Foxes and Appropriate by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins. The plays have overlapping casts (meaning some actors appear on both plays, and some do not), share a single set (a Southern plantation house that gets adapted for each play), and alternate performances (so audiences can see the plays back to back nightly, over the course of a few weeks or even in the same day).

Q: What does ‘overlapping casts’ mean?

A: Six of the 12 actors appear in both plays. So you can see these accomplished artists in two dynamic performances.

Q: Why are these plays paired together?

A: Even though the plays were written 75 years apart, both plays are set in the South and both speak to issues all Americans are familiar with—family, legacy, history, race, status, money. SCR Artistic Director David Ivers programmed these together because he is a strong proponent of pairing classics with new works.

Q: When are these two plays running?

A: Appropriate runs from Jan. 28-Feb. 26. The Little Foxes runs from Jan. 29-Feb. 26.

Q: Do I need to see both plays?

A: No. The plays are sold individually. You can see them both or just one. You can attend on different days or even different weeks during the run.

Q: Can I see both plays on the same day?

A: Absolutely! For the ultimate theatergoing experience, on weekends, you can see both plays on the same day.

Q: Is there a specific order to see both plays?

A: No, you can see them in any order. But from a time standpoint, The Little Foxes is set in 1900 Alabama. Appropriate is set in present-day Arkansas.

Q: Can I buy tickets to both plays as a package deal?

A: Yes! You can purchase this through a two-play Create Your Own subscription. This not only allows you to purchase tickets at a discounted rate, but comes with subscriber benefits.

Q: What ages are appropriate for these plays?

A: The Little Foxes is suitable for those 14-and-up. Appropriate’s age recommendations are 16+ due to strong language and sexual themes.

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