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Careers in Theatre

Videos and Department Descriptions

At the beginning of the pandemic, we asked several staff members to tell us about themselves and their jobs. Get to know them in our Meet a Theatre Pro video series.

Joanne DeNaut

MEET A THEATRE PRO: Casting Director
SCR's Casting Director, Joanne DeNaut, tells us what a casting director does.
How a Play Finds Its Actors

Jen Stringfellow

MEET A THEATRE PRO: Scenic Charge Artist
Meet Jen Stringfellow as she tells you about the artistry of set painting.
Adding Color to the World

Steven Garry

MEET A THEATRE PRO: Development Assistant
Meet Steven Garry as he talks all about how to fundraise at a non​-profit theatre.
Building Relationships and Fundraising

Nicholas Pilapi​l

MEET A THEATRE PRO: Communications Associate
Nicholas Pilapil explains what this job title means and talks about projects he's created. PDF: MARKETING
Connecting an Audience to the Art

Estela Garcia

MEET A THEATRE PRO: Teaching Artist
Meet Estela Garcia. Learn from her more about the art of teaching theatre and more.

Guiding the Next Generation of Artists

Digital Media Manager and Conservatory Manager

MEET 2 THEATRE PROS: Digital Media Manager and Conservatory Manager
There's backstage and then there's also behind the scenes. Learn more about these SCR theatre administrators—and twins!—and their work in marketing and education.

Kat V. Kerr

MEET A THEATRE PRO: Prop Supervisor
Kat V. Kerr helps us understand what a Prop Supervisor does and answers the question "Prop or not a prop?"

Jon Lagerquist

MEET A THEATRE PRO: Technical Director
Meet Jon Lagerquist. In this video he answers your questions about technical direction, how a set gets built and more.

Andy Knight

MEET A THEATRE PRO: Literary Manager
Andy Knight gives you the deets on what a Literary Manager does. PDF: LITERARY
What's a Dramaturg?

Allison Lowery

MEET A THEATRE PRO: Hair and Makeup Supervisor
Meet Allison Lowery to learn all about wigs, makeup, and more.

Additional Department Descriptions

Supporting the Patron Experience

The Business of Show Business

Calling the Shots

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